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Start counting down. "Chase" marks one of the last 10 or so episodes of House ever! I didn't love this one, but having Jesse Spencer in the driver's seat did make for a nice change of pace. Chase has always been one of my favorite characters and I think that's partly because of his religious background and his willingness to stand up to House in such a direct way.

In season six, we were given episodes from Cuddy's and Wilson's respective perspectives. Here, it's Chase's turn and we open with a nearly naked shot of the doc! Way to score some shameless points, House execs! 

Chase and a Patient

I know this episode, at least in the beginning, was designed to make us compare House and Chase. Look, they both have limps! Look, Chase is sleeping with some random woman with no real attachment! And finally, wow! Chase gets inappropriately attached to a patient! Well, House has never slept with a patient (to my recollection), but he has done some truly reprehensible things for those people under his care.

But, in the end, we all know that these two aren't alike. As damaged as Chase would like to think he is, there's no way he comes close to House's level.

Throughout the episode, House and Chase both claimed at different times that it's not worthwhile to attach significance to unexpected events. And the stabbing was unexpected. It seems to me that he's not as haunted by the stabbing so much as what the stabbing meant regarding his relationship with House. As Chase mused, was he an idiot before the stabbing about House? Or after? Is House really there to forward the teams' best interests? 

The episode opens with Chase in bed with a one night stand. It's clear that he's uninterested, but what's nice is the contrast between that scene and the scene later in the episode when he sleeps with his patient (gasp!), the pre-nun POTW, Moira. One of the reasons I wasn't crazy about this episode is because Moira seemed far too designed as a character.  Like, Chase has a crisis of faith after his stabbing. Let's put him in a room with a beautiful almost-nun who hasn't quite gotten her calling yet! And... action!

After Moira - over-exercising a woman's right to change her mind - opts to go back to the church, Chase tells her he loves her and tries to convince her to stay with him. If this seems ridiculous, that's because it is. As Chase falls for her and leaps into her arms blindly, House willingly points this out to him. It's blind faith in both directions. And, as always, House is going to be the one to break that news without any hint of tact. 

In the strongest moments of the episode, Chase berated House, much like he's been criticized before from every other character but Chase. He suffers so he wants everyone else to suffer. He's in pain, so he wants that for everyone. And this is what "Chase" is really about. Does House want what's best? And if he does, why does he act the way he acts? Tonight, for about one minute, the series addressed what it hasn't really done yet this season. House, in order to keep Chase in his life and to prevent him from making a huge mistake, starts in before Chase walks out the door:

If I wanted you to be like me, I'd urge you to make a stupid, stubborn mistake that blows up your life and leaves you lonely and miserable. | permalink

Could I actually be right this week? Could the show actually be making a reference to last season when House's bitterness and anger drove him to drive through Cuddy's living room?  House encourages Chase to learn from his mistakes. And Chase does. After all, he's nothing if not an excellent student. And by the end of the episode, with two nods, all is right, or as right as it can be, in House-land. 

But before I finish, a gripe. What kind of doctors are Park and Adams? Why are they all surgeons? I know Taub was a plastic surgeon, but what about the rest of them? Are there no other surgeons in the hospital? And didn't most of them perform some surgery on Chase when they were all extra attached to his well-being? And are now getting angry at Chase for doing the same thing?  

There are about 10 episodes left of House and next week doesn't seem to be affording us any advancement in storyline. More poignant moments like the conversation between House and Chase? Yes, please! A contrived appearance by House's green card wife? No thank you. You're making it all the easier for me to understand why the series is ending. Give me a storyline that has to do with our favorite damaged doctor and his struggles and I'm there.

Anyone else wondering how it's all going to end given that we have no real story arc right now?


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You should do a round table of this episode

Uncle jackass

Irrelevenat, whether this was the most consistent season, such as the last season of Chuck, it was no doubt a good episode for Chase as a final sendoff to the character. I'm sure since Jennifer Morrison is too busy with Once Upon a Time, I suppose this Nun-arc was a fitting resolution with Chase's belief system.


I can't believe you're still bitter because your huddy dreams were shattered! Your reviews are so biased you should feel ashamed. Good thing only your fellow bitter and rabid huddy/LE fangirls will take your reviews seriously. Move on already, this really makes you guys look dumb and petty


This show made me wonder how even better it could have been had House been a secondary character instead of the protagonist.


I think it is the best episode in a long while (and as passionate as your review is, I think you do too). Chase has always been one of my favorite characters, he has always seemed to be above the frey but has maybe suffered the most. Only element missing was not enough Wilson. How funny was Taub defending himself. Park and Adams are just sanctimonious idiots, always willing to criticize without adding to the solution. Please don't let Park and Chase hookup, that would just be wrong. My only hope for the series ending, is that they don't have to kill off the tortured House, that would be a cop out. Many people suffer their whole lives without having to kill themselves, that just makes them mentally ill. Will watch to the end and then the endless reruns. Thanks to House and all the actors, writers and crew.


Lisa, my dear, on this Valentine's day, I feel the need to give you the best piece of personal and professional advice I ever got ''Let it go''. Cuddy wasn't your girlfriend, she was House's and that relationship did nothing for the storyline or the ratings. I wish House could have ignored her rather than drive into her front door but, the show's formula had already explored all it's permutations.It was doomed no matter what.
The only way it could have had a fresh start and lasted a few more years would be to have moved to another part of the world to distract us with beach bums and babes.Hardly worth the money and effort since not everyone would have signed on.
I liked this episode and wasn't surprised when Chase told the nun he loved her. His fascination with sanctimonious Cameron was just as baffling and this was not nun-light, she was the real thing, veil and all.


I really liked this episode. So was that little nod between Chase and House at the end of the episode Chase's way of accepting House's apology? Of all the Doctor's that have worked for House I find the dynamic between Chase and House most interesting. Why does he keep coming back to House after all the other doctors that have worked for him have moved on? I can't quite figure out the psychology but for some reason they are linked.


First time this season that had me choked up at the ending. I actually really enjoyed this episode. Maybe I bought some plot points a little too easy but the fact that Chase was stabbed last week might have made me go more easy on him. You're allowed to act irrational after something like that


House Review: Have a Little Faith in Me is nice movie so we are enjoy it.......

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