How I Met Your Mother Boss Warns of Changes, "Turbulence" to Come

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Ted and Robin, take two?!?

The latest episode of How I Met Your Mother was met with mixed feelings by that sitcom's long-time followers, who were shocked to see Ted confess his love to Robin and are clearly wondering: where the heck is this going? No way she can be the mother... right?

"I like to think it goes in a direction that people won’t see coming,” executive producer Craig Thomas previews to EW in reference t next week's "No Pressure," which includes this scene:

Getting VERY Close

That's nice and vague and intriguing, as is the following, broader tease from Thomas:

“There will be some big switches in the dynamics of our gang as we head into the end of season 7. There are going to be some changes that we see. I hope people who are fans of the whole serialized, emotional aspect of our show will stay with us... you don’t want to miss any one of these last batch all the way to [the finale]. There’s definitely some turbulence coming up.”

We doubt the show is going there, but chime in now: Do you want Robin to be the mother?


to Robin & Barney until they decide if they will have children which isn't necessary in their relationship


if Barney is going to marry anyone it should not be Stripper Quinn. She seemed more genuine when he was first trying to pick her up in the bar. After her profession was known, she continues to seem a little skanky. I don't see the chemistry between them. Not like Barney and the English bird, that was a better match than even with Robin. Quinn who seems to act alot like Barney will probably sleep with someone else because she thinks that Barney did & "break" Barney's heart. But as previewed in past episodes they are at the church on Barney's wedding day & it should be Robin because Ted had seemed a little bumbed out but that was supposedly when he met the "Mother" he is telling the story about. And i would love to see how they tie up all of the scenerios when they would have met before everytime they showed the yellow umbrella, which hasn't made an appearance in this season yet. As for Marshall & Lily, I'm sure their growing family will serve as surrogate children for Robin & Barney


I think that ted should give up you can see that robin is a selfish woman..he never cares how ted felt for her in so much years..robin just think that relationship is meant for sex..she knew that ted would like to marry her someday..but she just make up some excuses just to win her for my opinion i rather robin not the mother in the story or ted's wife..^_^


I want Ted & Robin as couple again, Barney stay womanizer.


I loved ted and Robin together, I still hate Lily for breaking them up, Barney does not deserve to be with any woman after all the things he has done to them in the past and how he treats them generally. Yes Ted should move on, Robin was always selfish and career-obsessed.


Move on Ted.
You holding on to Robin is just lame and is getting very old.
If the show wants to make Ted continue to look like a whiney little baby, then sure, keep him falling over Robin forever, and her never wanting to be with him 100% because she knows that they aren't meant for eachother.


Robin just doesn't love Ted. She never has, that's why she was so reluctant to get together with him in the first place but Ted is a persistent sweetheart and boyfriend material. It's pretty hard not to want that. Robin just gave up Kevin because she knew that he wanted kids, she would do the same thing for Ted. As for Barney and Robin, I have no idea what's happening there. Barney said he was over it and I kind of believe him. They were my favorites, so it was disappointing. But Robin didn't have the courage to break up with Kevin for him, so I guess it was no meant to be.


O and as for Barney getting married and wanting kids and all that NAAA its makes his character boring,Barney should be Barney not Tedd or Marshall,his womanzier lifestyle thats what makes him awsome!!


Tedd and Robin belong together,they're in love from the very begining Plus Robin is Tedd's first and true Love,I dont think the writers bring them back every now and than for dead end,there is something,Though the kids call Robin aunt and well it may seem like she cant be the mother but what if the writers wants us to think she is not the mother and in the end BOOM Robin is the mother!!I mean they can do that and Ofcourse thats how i want it to END Tedd and Robin getting married and having kids and licing happily aver after!!


Of course they could adopt a baby, but Robin doesn't want kids and I don't think that will ever change, so she won't make Barney completely happy and therefore she's not the right woman for him. In my opinion the moment Victoria has been talking about before has now come and it will change everything.
I think because we are so close to Barney's wedding, it might be Quinn...Looking forward to season 7 finale!

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