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Robin is not the mother, but still Ted WTF! Just because your sad that you've been single a while. :( I was literally screaming "NOOOOOOOO!"
The moment he said it. I am still in shock. I'm not sure what is worse Deb being in love with her brother... well yeah that worse but still you see my point. Ted NO! bad!


Barney has been in love with Robin for years. And the other posters have summarized excellent reasons why the mother is not Robin. I'd hope she marries Barney, but considering how sappy he became when his brother and his brother's partner showed up with that baby, I feel he wants kids. Just Robin might not be enough for Barney, as adamant as she is about remaining child-free. It seems more likely that she will move out and head off to upgrade her career, leaving Ted free to find the mother. I did not start watching this until about the fifth year, but I have borrowed all seasons from the library and caught up. They still have my attention. Good writing ....


oh please no


I'm really looking forward to the next episode based on the pics I've seen. It looks like Robin is packing her bags and what appears to be a goodbye hug between Ted and Robin....I think this is going to be a big episode with some major repercussions that will effect the rest of the season. And no Robin isn't the mother.....I thought that was clear from the first episode where Ted says: "and kids that's how I met your....Aunt Robin"


I was hoping for Robin and Barney to get back together, if they have kids or not doesnt matter to me. I just think Robin and Ted or more of the friend type...


A few episodes ago they made it pretty clear that Robin cant have children and Ted also mentions that she never became a mother. So obviously she isn't the mother.

What i'm wondering is why is the show wasting time with them when she obviously isn't the mother?


Not going to happen


NO. for some reason I imagine Barney and Robin as the perfect couple. Ted and Robin seem like they will be just best friends plus going back on the story in the series premier the last thing he said" and that is how i met your aunt Robin." so i would like to see why this was done and what it leads to


If you have watched the show, you know it is not possible for Robin to be the mother, it's been very clear that Ted meets their mother at a wedding, that she was a student in the classroom when Ted went to teach the wrong class, and we even caught a glimpse of her foot because she was the roomate of one of the girls Ted dated very briefly.


No. Only because we've seen the Ted-Robin dynamic before, and even back then he assured his kids that she wasn't the mother. It would be inconsistent to bring her back into the picture.

Also, didn't she and Barney have a sub-text going on?

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