Jennifer Beals on Castle: Who is She?

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On this Monday's new episode of Castle, Rick and Kate get welcomed to the FBI, while viewers welcome Jennifer Beals aboard the ABC hit.

The former Flashdance star premieres as Sophia Turner, a CIA operative from Castle's past. Meaning what, exactly?

"She became the inspiration for Clara Strike," Beals told me over the phone today. "So they were close enough that he based a book character around her."

How will Beckett react to this information? Beals made a point to say that Caskett fans don't need to worry too much about any interaction between Sophia and Castle on either of the two episodes in which she appears, but watch her opening scene below and take note of Kate's reaction:

An investigation that has "international implications," Beals teases, requiring the CIA to reach out to Beckett for help on U.S. soil.

Prepare for the first part of Castle's annual two-parter via a couple more sneak peeks, the first of which involves a VERY dead body and the second another surprise for Castle:

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where is jennifer beals?!!! oh my god... i almost cannot see her in castle! she is an amazing actress she fascinates me all the time. but why we dont see her in TV more often? i love you jennifer!


I bet we're gonna find out that he only followed CIA chick around for a few months, and he's been following Beckett like a puppy for 4 years... Dammit, if that doesn't make Beckett wake the hell up, I don't know what will...


I love watching Castle show but can't wait to see Jennifer Beals in it, she is such a good actress in all that she did before, yes Chicago Code was very good and different from others shows on TV but Fox axed it! bye bye next!!!
It would be nice to see her (JB) often in Castle, I am sure the rating will go up on those two episodes. What Castle need right now its a little bit of spices but like with another female caracter for a long while...Sorry to say that but the only things missing are some love/sex drama...LOL


Loved Jennifer Beals in Chicago Code - sad to see that show go. But seriously, Castle? Jealous. Again. Both were jealous at least twice before (Castle of Demming and Josh. Beckett of Natalie Rhodes, Gina and Serena). Will the third time be the charm?


I want to see the chapter oh my god I love jealous beckett


i love jennifer, kisssssssss

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