Lost Girl Review: Big Bad Ass Bug

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If you are afraid of spiders, I hope you didn't watch "Arachnofaebia." Spiders didn't creep me out before watching, but now ... maybe just a bit! Yuck!

A new day brought a new evil Fae with it, a Djieiene. It's a spider that poisons people causing them to become paranoid to the point of wanting to kill. Dyson was on a case of multiple murder-suicides when his path crossed Bo and Kenzi.

Arachnofaebia Scene

How hilarious was Kenzi during her house cleansing ritual? Not only were her antics chuckle-inducing, but the realtor's reaction and belief in the ritual was equally funny. The ritual worked to the extent that the evil spider left the house in Kenzi's bag.

Of course, that didn't bode well for Kenzi or Bo when they were infected by the spider. Their normal irritation with each other took a potentially deadly turn. Bo's moments of paranoia accurately manifested from her natural disposition of mistrust.

While it was distressing to watch Kenzi and Bo go after each other, it was equally disturbing to see Hale try to kill Kenzi. Thankfully, Bo was able to fight off the venom once she had fed on Hale. Given the spider's influence over them toward killing, I was surprised that Bo was able to control herself and not kill Hale. Perhaps, he was able to heal her in a similar manner as Dyson.

What I found most interesting was the deeper look into the Fae leadership, the Ash. Lauren supposedly cares deeply for Bo, but her allegiance was to the Ash, not Bo. Lauren called for the quarantine, which should have led to Bo's death.

In the end, Dyson and Lauren worked together to figure out how to find the Djieniene's heart in order to kill it. Would Lauren have killed the man in order to save Bo? Interesting question since she was quick to call for the quarantine.

The love triangle between Bo, Dyson and Lauren has certainly progressed. Bo was right when she called out Dyson on his inability to say he cares. Why is that? It can't just be about knowing about her past, can it? Why is he afraid of being with her?

Compared to Dyson, Lauren is open about her feelings and wanting to be with Bo. But, as a human, it is a much greater risk to both of them. At this point, I don't really want Bo to be with either of them. If the spider incident showed anything, it was that Bo should really focus on learning more about herself and the Fae leadership.


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I don't understand where everyone is getting the idea that Lauren is ok with or out to kill Bo in this episode. When I watched this, I saw her call for the quarintine before she knew that Bo (and Kenzi) were infected. Once she found out that Bo had been bitten by the spider, she was going above & beyond to find the cure. And yes I think Lauren would've killed that guy to get what she needed to save Bo.


Freaky. Kenzi was especially hilarious when she was cleansing the house.


Man, Lost Girl is balls.I watched the first eoispde with my dad cause the trailer looked awesome. I had high hopes in the beginning with the cute blonde who turned out to be super irritating (and also not blonde)and the writing was so bad, and I didn't much like the plot, and we both agreed on it's ballsness and laughed in hearty disbelief at the rest of the eoispde.I liked Doctor Cute, but I haven't watched it since cause I tend to build a substantial resentment towards shows I only watch for potential lesbian plots. 1


was it me or was the pizza guy Pete kellan lutz?


So Lauren's not really trustworthy if she doesn't really care if you live or die. I would think Bo would know that and back off of the whole flirtation with Lauren, who really isn't that hot, BTW. I think Dyson loves Bo and has her best interests at heart, and I sincerely hope we get to see more scenes of them 'healing' one another, especially with Kris Holden Ried without a shirt on...yuuuuummmmmy!


I love this show, and I am sick that Dyson told Bo to go elsewhere for healing when she needs it. I think the delicious Dyson and Bo were made for one another, and I strongly believe he's in love with her, and she with him, but I don't think they are able to tell one another because both are wary and proud, and in Dyson's case, the nasty dwarf bartender/leader guy told him that he's not supposed to get emotionally involved with Bo, because they know some things about her that she doesn't, and nasty dwarf fae doesn't think they can trust her (he's so wrong!) I can understand why Bo is drawn to Lauren, who is helping her control her succubusness, but I think that sexual interest is misplaced, because, as we saw in this episode, Lauren is more than willing to kill Bo and Kenzi if ordered by Ash or protocol to do so.

Ronald simkins

Major spoiler Wolves love once and deeply! This will heavily shadow the current and next season,

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Lost Girl Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Bo: Dyson is the one who gave me the green light to see other people. And, then Lauren shows up and he gets all testy.
Kenzi: Ah, because he has testes. Dudes tend to get irrationally territorial.

Bo: You? Asking me for help.
Dyson: Relax, it's not a marriage proposal.
Bo: I already sent out the invites.