NCIS: Los Angeles Review: That's My Girl!

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Kensi is virtually indestructible. We've known that she is tough, but nothing like what she went through after being shot by the sniper.

Until now, Kensi's past has been almost as big a secret as Callen and Sam's have been. We knew her father was a military man and she was curious about his death. She finally got the answers she has so desperately been searching for.

"Blye, K. (Part II)" started right where last Tuesday left off with Kensi getting shot by a sniper. Thankfully, she was wearing a vest and the bullet hit her in the side. Despite her pain, she was more determined than ever to find out the truth.

Deeks, Callen and Sam

How amazing was her take down of the guy in the truck?!? A woman on a mission can do anything! That's a fight scene I could watch over and over again. Kensi had several impressive one-on-one battles in her quest for the truth.

Until the very end, I expected we would find out that her father was actually still alive. With the introduction of Kensi's mother, I'm glad the writers didn't go down that path. Her father died trying to correct a wrong and protect an innocent reporter; it served a purpose.

The conspiracy surrounding all the deaths was a little difficult to follow, but in the end it all made sense. Clairemont was protecting himself from a story about a killing he did in Haiti. He used his military sniper team to take out the reporter. A huge violation of the military code and a betrayal of his team.

Kensi's father tried to protect the reporter and for that he was killed. When Kensei started snooping around his death, Clairemont took out any remaining witnesses. Such a shame! In the end, Clairemont caused his own death by pulling out a gun. It was perfect that Granger was the one who killed him. It brought the story of the sniper team full circle.

The mystery, the fights and the intrigue were nothing compared to the heartfelt moments that we got to see from Kensi. She has been a tough cookie, who has until now kept her emotions private. I'm not sure which was my favorite: her talk with Deeks, her reunion with her mother or her time of the beach with her father's notes.

They were each precious in their own way. I've never been a fan of Deeks and Kensi getting romantically involved, but their partnership is deeper than that of co-workers. They trust each other in a way that many romantic partners could only dream about having. When Deeks said That's my girl, my heart may have softened to a relationship between them, but only for a moment.

Will Kensi's reunion with her mother break the shell she has had around her all these years? Kensi's isolation was slowly suffocating her as we saw during the holiday episodes. Presumably, she will learn the truth now about her mother and Kensi will get the unconditional love of her mother back.

I'm haven't been a fan of Granger, but I softened to him a little when he gave Kensi her father's sniper journal. Kensi learned the truth about her father's death, but his letters to her provided the closure that she needed. He loved her; she was always on his mind. Kensi was loved.

When we next see Kensi, I hope that she comes back a changed woman. It would be disingenuous for her to come out of this ordeal the same person and agent she was before.

And ... it looks like Granger isn't going anywhere. Will he be more tolerable now? I'm not sure.


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Great to see Kensi's story come out. Love the dynamic between her and Deeks and the level of their attachment. I really hope they never 'go there' as I love the tantalising bits played out over the series. Hey, when did Nell learn to wield a gun?? My favourite bit was the boys meeting Kensi's (absolutely gorgeous) mum and hearing about her when she was little. "Anyone wondering what the world's deadliest NKOTB fan is doing right about now??" Haha. Also when she phone Deeks all upset and couldn't speak to him. Great moment.


Laura Elena Herring aka Laura Harring played Kensi's mother.


I loved these episodes!! Deeks was there for Kensi in all the right ways. As much as I want them to be together I think it would be the end of the show. If they're in a relationship they can't be partners and that would seriously take away from the chemistry in the show. The writers should leave it be for now.


The voice of Kensi's dad was the director of the episode. Got that off twitter from the writer of the episode.


who's voice was Kenzie dad in part 2


Granger seems like the obvious candidate, to me, to be killed off this season.


@DeAnn - I'm waiting for something to happen between Kensi and Deeks too. I was hoping for at least a gentle hug in this episode. It would have been nice. He really loves her and I guess Kensi's afraid to show him her feelings. Yes, she has feelings for him.


Loved this epi. Excellent! Deeks and Kensi were fantastic. @Frank Lee MeiDere - I agree with you and let's not forget about Steve McGarrett (H50), Kate Becket (Castle) etc. I guess in every show someone is investigating his/her mother's/father's murder.


Who played Kensi's mother?


Well the last 2 episodes of NCIS la have been very interesting. I am glad that we got to learn more about kensi's past and that Deeks was there for her in both episodes. As we saw earlier in the season when Deeks was prentened fired kensi admitted her feelings for him ANSI think that they will end up together in the season finale. Kensi has been trough alot and for to say in part two of the episode titled blye,k she admitted that he was her partner and that she trusted him more than the others. Even Callen and Sam have known her the longest. Shaune has said that in the may season finale NCIS LA will have one of the characters killed of and I really hope that it is not kensi or Deeks because if it is then I will happily stop watching it. I am glad that Deeks had admitted to Eric and nell that he had feelings for kensi and that he cared about her the way partners should. And I am also glad that at thend of the episode it Granter shooting clairemont

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