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"Romantic Languages" was the lost episode of Pan Am that let us in on a lot of little secrets heretofore unknown.

Looking back, it did seem like there was a jump in time, but I didn't realize how much the story was affected until watching tonight. It would have been nice if they had shown this episode in order because it felt like we were living a dream. That this happened to the the installment before what could very well be the series finale is a bit disappointing.

Liberating Laura

Example: So that's how Dean and Ginny ended things. He broke up with her thinking they were just having a good time. I thought she just walked into the sunset with Mr. Pan Am executive, but she was an absolutely crazy nut. She followed Dean around the world and even smashed her own forehead into a window to try to show him how much he meant to her.

She didn't deserve for us to think she somehow got the better of Dean. We also learned the effect of the phone call Maggie made to save her own tail when her job was threatened.

We also finally saw the genesis of Laura's nude photos. She was completely enthralled with work she saw of women with their faces hidden, and wanted to blaze a new trail. She trusted Graham and never imagined he would use them in a show. It was so cute seeing her move from hot chocolate directly to espresso in her desire to be more sophisticated. Even Kate tried to get her to try a latte first, to climb the ladder, so to speak.

It was the beginning of her journey to become a woman, but we missed it until now. She surprised even herself when she disrobed for Graham, but she did so with a smile on her face.

Collete's story was standalone and quite enthralling. She was in charge of a 12-year old boy flying alone and he kept her on her toes. He reminded me of Henry Spofford III from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes with Marilyn Monroe. She was always looking for the wealthiest man, and thought he would certainly fit the bill. Imagine her surprise when she found her own Charlie.

Collete's charge was smitten not only with her, but with magic, and used it to sneak a kiss. We really got to know a lot about Collete's demeanor through this exchange and I'm sorry we hadn't seen it sooner.

After all, he was a little psychopath. When he showed up at the side of her bed in her hotel room with a bouquet of flowers, it felt like the end of a horror movie. But Collete handled it beautifully. Charlie was on his own and she was able to feel for him in a way I don't think any other grown up had taken the time.

Finally, the flashback to the love between Kate and Nico left me longing for more. They had such a charismatic relationship and Kelli Garner in lingerie, well, how could you possibly go wrong with that? I guess it was ominous of what was to come because some jerk knocked her down to the sidewalk at a restaurant and told her to stay away from Nico. Although Frank said it was Nico's men, I'd have to watch it all again to be comfortable in that conclusion.

What about you? Do you wish they would have shown this episode in order? Have any ideas as to why they may have not? I'm stumped. I thought it was a lovely episode despite its misplacement, and I'm happy it made it to air.


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I just watched the series on Netflix and just have the finale to go. Came on here because I was so confused about episodev13 being out of place and making no sense!! I checked Netflix 3 times to see if I'd played it out of order! There was honestly no need for it whatsoever! The parts with Jenny and niko would have made so much more sense in order! Wish I would have known this before, because with Netflix I could have rearranged the order and avoided today's confusion!
Also, SO sad to discover the show was cancelled!


Love, that show!! /sad that it's cancelled. I'm just a lucky person --I'm one of the passenger of PANAM back in Jan 15 "73 destination was Honolulu Hawaii!! And at that time--Elvis was having concert..The crew were all very nice!! Smooth landing too!!


All i know is pan am is far better than GCB which took pan am time slot!!!


It was so confusing watching last week's episode. I kept telling my husband that it was the lost episode, because it answered so many questions. And yes, I agree: duh, if you skip an episode you are going to lose viewership. This is the ONLY US broadcast show I watch, but as my husband says, if it is a good show (funny, smart, and even classy) it will be cancelled. The US public prefers Snooky and 2 1/2 men. *gag* I sure hope it is picked up by cable.


I am SO glad I googled and found the answers regarding this episode. I just watched it from my DVR and kept checking to see if I had missed something.
They should have at least put a note at the beginning of the episode that it was out of order!!!
I really hope they don't cancel it. I saw the series finale is tonight adn I am saving it to watch tomorrow night. I am hoping that they maybe replay it all in the summer to gain viewership!
Or another station could take it on! Who do we write to suggest both of these things? Can you email me and let me know?
thank you for this blog!


I think the best thing that could happen is if ABC doesn't renew and it finds another home in a more favorable setting - whether on one of the smaller broadcast networks or on cable. The fact that the DVR numbers and foreign viewership are high gives a glimmer of hope that the series may return somewhere if ABC doesn't pick it up. If ABC does pick it up, there was talk of moving production to Los Angeles and other cost-cutting measures. That, coupled with remaining in a 10pm timeslot would be a death-knell to the series and it would be canceled before finishing a second season.


simple question where was this episode supposed to fit in the series order?


and that's why I DON'T WATCH TV (oh yes - I watch selected tv series, but not from "their" broadcast) and I tell everyone NOT TO WATCH TV either.
There is nothing better than full season of commercials-free episodes of your favorite show (hint:
So, thank you for heads-up about this episode, I will re-label it as episode 1-07 (instead of 1-13).
ABC is run by the idiots for quite long time. They shiffled i.e. "Firefly" out of order too, and then they were surprised the viewership dropped... well, morons, if you broadcasted your shows in the out-or-order way that no one can follow the plot or understand what's going on, you have only yourself to blame for lack of viewership. OTOH: fortunately all this "networks" crapola will be over in few years... have you seen any teens or tweenies watching live broadcast TV? FINALLY. Die, stupid networks, and all you assholes running them.


If ABC cared half as much for this shows' loyal audience as it does about the remote possibility of offending some self-righteous blow-hards with an episode that their own censors approved, this network would not be in the trouble it is. I wish they'd stop jerking us around and just air all the Pan Am episodes, in order, and every week like is supposed to happen.


This was very confusing, I dont understand why ABC would show this episode out of order. Now I understand things a lot better, but why it is shown out of order is really stupid!

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