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The beginning of "My Brother's Wedding" was done so well. While the show could have spent time going through the drama of breakups and what the decision of Crosby and Jasmine made means to their friends, it used a montage instead.

Great work. We got the point, but didn't waste time.

A Parenthood Wedding

The brothers grim
It's a damned good thing they saved time on those matters because far more exciting and important to Braverman family relations were the fisticuffs that broke out between Adam and Crosby at the wedding planning meeting. There was beer flying, popcorn bouncing, mom being screamed and two big boys on the floor tumbling around with everyone looking on. Fabulous!

We finally found out what the offer was for The Luncheonette. More than double the original offer. If I remember correctly, that means both families would walk with over a million in cash because the numbers reflected taking the mortgage, finances and everything else into the equation before the bottom line. Walking away from that would be tough, but still should have been discussed with Crosby.

Love and politics
Amber and Bob were discovering that their feelings were not fleeting. Sarah was standing by whatever decision Amber wanted to make, and Kristina was ignoring Bob. Bob told Kristina exactly what I was thinking. He's not a bad guy, they've known each other for a long time and he's sorry he's developed feelings for an intelligent, wonderful girl she brought into his life.

Really, how could you not root for Bob and Amber? He's running for councilman, not president. By the time that happens, they could be happily married. For now, she chose her job, and he accepted that. But I believe their attraction is far more visceral and won't be easily dismissed.

Sarah's feet hit the ground
It was only a matter of time before Sarah saw the writing on the wall with Mark. Things were moving too quickly, and he was dreaming of weddings in Ireland. She was swept up in the romance of a fresh start in life and his cute face and young love. When she realized what it meant, she let him go. When he had time to process what happened, he realized they had taken all the wrong steps. Duh. He asked her to marry him.

The Grahams move on
I sure read the whole Zoe situation wrong from the start. I thought at the very least she'd become a part of the family with her baby, but once she had it there was no looking back. She was kind enough to tell Julia she changed her life. I loved how quickly Joel and Julia headed over to the adoption agency.

When they were asked how they felt about taking on a baby from a mother who hadn't decided previously to give their child up, I fully expected them to have a call during the wedding to pick one up during the wedding. Hey - it's television! They got the call. Not for a baby, but I think their new addition will round out their family nicely.

The wedding
It was fast, small, beautiful and all Braverman. Jasmine looked beautiful and the Crosby's smile was a mile wide. When "Color My World" came on and Adam and Haddie were dancing I realized I danced with my own dad at a wedding to that very song. One of the very few times we ever danced. A Braverman wedding covered all the bases, and so did Drew. Oooh! Oh yes they did!

The biggest surprise during the wedding was Adam ripping up the offer to sell The Luncheonette. I think I was more surprised than he was. He realized what a great life Crosby had introduced him to during the last year and he wasn't willing to give it up.

The episode was perfect. Not a beat was missing. It had everything. Brawls, sex, laughter, tears, marriage, proposals, a possible adoption and more. What did you think about this incredible Braverman finale? What are your hopes for Season Four? Keep your fingers crossed that we'll all be meeting back her again next year.


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the song was "To Make You Feel My Love"


yes, i'm with deborah, please tell the name & artist of the wedding song.beautiful


Did anyone else feel like the kid J/J just got is a 'rebound' adoption? I am pretty sure they specified that they still wanted a baby but all the other parameters were off the table. A 9 year old suddenly being dropped off on their doorstep is not what they asked for. And for the adoption lady to show up with the kid and tell them they have to make a choice right now? Very weird. And the kid is older than Sydney. Who makes that kind of decision unilaterally without even having the conversation with the kid at least? That is going to be really hard for Sydney. Feels way too quick and rash of a decision. But instant drama for next season if there is one...I guess.


@Michelle: Pretty sure that was Jasmine's dad not Dr. Joe!


I love this show and I would like to know the song and/or words to the song played as Jasmine was walking down during the wedding?


I am with Blu, I loathe Kristina, who is a control freak and crazy as a loon, in my opinion, but I was glad that she had a talk with Bob about feeling uncomfortable in the office. I really think she should not have interfered with Bob and Amber, after all, they are two consenting adults and they can have an affair if they want to, neither one is married. I am also not really thrilled with Crosby and Jasmine getting married, because I would think Jasmine would be better off with a rich doctor, especially with her controlling, snobbish mother, than with Crosby who is a screw up. But I was glad that Drew was deflowered, and I think that Julia should have just been happy with her one child, instead of being so desperate for a second one. I think this young boy will cause problems with their daughter and won't be happy in their home. And I hope that Sarah and Mark get married, they were made for each other


As much as I loathe Christina I still understand her position with Bob. Amber making her own mistakes or whatever with sleeping with her boss can be done on her own time. Christina brought amber in so no matter what happens it'll always leave her in an uncomfortable position that makes her own work experience more awkward than it should be. How can she believe that Bob can remain professional with her at the workplace by not unintentionally dragging her into personal crap when he couldn't be professional enough to not make moves on amber during the course of the election? If it weren't Christina's workplace as well I'd agree that she should mind her own business but since it effects her than it kinds is. And amber will soon realize that there is no going back to just being an assistant. Chemistry is great but not at the workplace during an election with the aunt and the colleagues that are already more qualified for the job than she is.


No doubt this possible adoption will pose difficulty for Sidney. They are awfully close in age. (Need to say how sweet she was as a flower girl, however.)
I will root for Amber and Bob. Kristina needs to realize that Amber is a big girl now...and she was always old beyond her years. Kristina also needs to consider Haddie will be gone to college...across the country no a VERY liberal town! (Trust me I live there!)
Not so much liking the Drew hook may come into play next season, don't ya think?
I think the writers left us with two paths... Parenthood could end and we would pretty much have everybody wrapped up satisfactorily, or it could move on next season. Either way it won't be devastating.


Seriously? Am I the only one who thought it was super weird that Jasmine's ex was at the wedding? Much less giving her away. Creepy


It's almost hard to believe that there was a time when I adored Adam. He was such an ass though. The fact of the matter is that he should have discussed everything with Crosby first. Then to have the audacity to lash out at him as though he can't possibly fathom why Crosby was upset. They spend most of the time treating Crosby as though he's a screwup but when he's being responsible and finally in a business that he loves and is good at Adam tries to tear him down. Crosby was right,no matter what he does it'll always be his fault. Adam should have been trying to figure out why someone would be willing to pay 2mil for the place and that they're sitting on a gold mine. And Christina jumping in was once again her being a witch.

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Sarah: You know what a lot of people do in preparation for a wedding?
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Sarah: Shower.

Yeah, well you weren't being very best manly so I replaced you for the job.