Parenthood Season 3 Finale Preview: They Do!

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Parenthood is going to a chapel on Tuesday night, and two long-time characters are going to get married.

On what is bound to be a tear-inducing season finale next week, fans can look forward to Crosby saying his vows and also making a decision with Adam regarding the Luncheonette; Julia and Joel trying to cover from adoption stress; and Sarah arriving at a conclusion about her future.

Bring Kleenex and watch the official NBC preview now:

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My husband and I are crazy about Parenthood. It's our favorite show because it is so well acted and well written. It feels so authentic, yet can be very funny, too. After the 2011-2012 season finale, we are so worried that they are cancelling the show. Why was this season so short? Why did the writers tie up EVERY story line before the end of the show? Does anyone know anything about next season? Here's hoping for another 3 more years with this wonderful family.


And where can we get a copy of that song?? It was beautiful with the choir singing


Would love to see more episodes that develop the mom's role along with her husband - he is in many scenes.... hers are answering questions, giving a look.... The "parents" are in the epicenter yet they are the least visible.


The name of the song is "Make You Feel My Love"


I watch the show fairly regularly. Just saw the wedding finale. Does anyone know the title of the song the choir sang at the bride's processional?


Absolutely awesome, satisfying show. Well acted, beautifully written, music is wonderful. Just wish ist was on earlier!


why is it ending so early????


Love this show. SEASON FINALE, NOOOOOOOOOO. Need more episodes!!


There is only one thing I want to know.....does Julia and Joel adopt the baby or does the mother decide to keep him for herself.


Graham makes sure this show has plenty of air fill time on and off the set

Parenthood Season 3 Episode 18 Quotes

Sarah: You know what a lot of people do in preparation for a wedding?
Amber: What?
Sarah: Shower.

Yeah, well you weren't being very best manly so I replaced you for the job.