Revenge Spoilers, Preview: What's Next?

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We now have one dead body and one prime suspect on Revenge, as the ABC thriller caught viewers up with Daniel and Emily's engagement party last night, which culminated in - SPOILER ALERT - the shooting of Tyler.

Who pulled the trigger? Who might be going to jail? Viewers must wait until February 29 for a few clues, but producer Sanford Bookstaver (who directed the episode) offered the following as a preview for what's ahead on "Scandal."

“Episode 16 is a darker episode,” Bookstaver tells EW. “It starts off with a direct cut from what happened that night on the beach... the next episode is smaller and darker and more about the characters, the intrigue, the pieces of the puzzle. It’s starting to put more of it together.”

Who do you think killer Tyler?

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Black suit jacket (absolutely) and as has been pointed out quite rightly,security are the only ones dressed this way--think BIG ED!
BTW- Grandpa was seen at the party and was attired in a white tux.
So unless there has been a wardrobe switch by one of the party goers, we are left with security and since Nolan and Takeda are and have been working together (which Emily has no knowledge of) that very short scene with big Ed taking Nolan's survellance pad away has no relevance.


I hope the writers don't mess up daniel's character I mean there are too many Dbags on T.V we all need somebody genuinely good it's been so long enough with the ragged guy who owns a bar,diner,restaurant or whatevs give the pedigreed all american guy a chance.Love him.


God I hope they don't make daniel a monster or evil,because it usually end like that I hope they make his character stay good yet aggressive and hope him and emily stay together for awhile.


I am being tossed between Takeda and Amanda...


I think Daniel & Tyler struggled for the gun...Tyler wasn't in the best shape as Faux Amanda had smashed him in the head...


I too believe that David Clarke will show up alive at some stage. And like others have pointed out, the person who shot Tyler was wearing a black tuxedo jacket. After rewatching the episode, the only people wearing black jackets at the party were security. Therefore, I don't think it was anyone at the party. Grandpa Grayson is nowhere to be seen so he too could be a possible suspect. And I don't think Takeda did it because he was then seen wearing a white tuxedo jacket when he gave Amanda a ride. Knowing how great this show is, I think we can expect a lot of twists and turns before we find out. :)


Did anyone notice the color of the tux of the man who was shooting it was black not white, i think its a clue!


@Dexter Idolizer Daniel is not going to find the box because Emily buried it out in the sand. That is the present the Takeda gave her. Love this show!! Definitely going to watch the episode again to make sure I caught EVERYTHING!!


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I've watched enough soap operas in my time to know that a seemingly dead person shows up later and is alive with a new ironic twist that the audience wasn't aware of. I think there is a chance that David Clarke is alive and will be included in an amazing plot twist...

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