Ringer Review: What the Heck Is Normal?

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Ringer came back after a long winter hiatus and quickly reminded me of how much fun it could be.  "It Just Got Normal" felt anything but, as Siobhan snuck around New York and stalked on her alter ego.

How creepy was it to watch Siobhan slink around her old apartment spying on her husband and sister??!? Sort of takes being a peeping Tom to a whole new level.

However, it must be sort of disconcerting watching such a happy version of herself and Andrew. I'll bet she never expected that when she faked her own death.

Scene from Ringer

That ring will surely cause trouble down the road. Did Siobhan simply take it out of spite or does she have a plan?

Poor Henry must have felt like a damned yo-yo. Siobhan wanted him desperately while Bridget couldn't get away from him quickly enough. Unfortunately, he didn't know they were two different people. He was certainly getting jerked around. 

The question: what was Siobhan so desperate to tell him? The truth? How would that conversation go? I'm the real Siobhan. The one who dumped you is actually my twin sister and by the way I'm still pregnant with what may be your child? That could send him right over the proverbial edge.

When they first sprung the story about Juliet and Mr. Carpenter last year I wasn't a fan, but this episode made it a lot more interesting. I had wondered if Juliet was making the story up but now it looks like she was actually raped. Damn.

I hope that her upset tummy was from emotional torment and thaqt she isn't pregnant. I'm not sure that's a storyline I could stomach.

Meanwhile, I loved Bridget punching the sleazeball. I disagreed with Andrew, though. Any mother would have wanted to do far worse. Still, it was a good start.

The part that bothered me the most was when Andrew walked out of Juliet's room. I know she told him to go, but sometimes teenagers don't know how to ask for what they need. He should have sat down on that bed, put his arms around his daughter and told her they'd get through this together, not walk out the door.

Side notes:

  • I'm always impressed by Siobhan's arrogance every time I see that huge portrait of her face in the entryway. Talk about ego.
  • That bathroom was gorgeous. I might knock somebody off to have that shower and don't even get me started on the tub.
  • What the heck would Siobhan have done if Bridget turned around while showering? That could have been a great scene.
  • I liked Greer and hope she sticks around.  Bridget needs a friend now that Gemma's dead.
  • Where can I get a pair of those awesome brown leather lace up boots that Bridget wore?

When Ringer left us last December the plot felt murky and maudlin but tonight's episode brought back some of the fun I had enjoyed from the start.

So where do you think Juliet's story is headed? How long can Siobhan wander around New York before somebody notices that she's pregnant and what do you think she's really going to tell Henry? We've got another week to try and figure it all out.


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This episode was pretty great. It moved much faster than it usually does. Siobhan was so creepy and it's so clear she always loved Henry but i'm wondering when Henry will find out about Bridget and Siobhan and to the twins first meeting..


I'm pissed that they made Jason Dohring a rapist wtf??!!! I love him I'm a huge Veronica Mars fan and I was stoked to see that he was on this show now I'm just pissed! I'm still hoping there is more to the story. I hope Juliet is lying but she seemed offley convincing last night.


i honestly think Siobhan's going to tell Henry everything. i know, i know. the entire point is the secret. but still.. what else can she do? i hope Juliet isn't pregnant.. :'( best part of the episode: Bridget's smacking Mr. C. I WANT MORE MACHADO!


Oh and did Henry really not notice that it was Siobhan and Bridget, Siobhan has not bangs and Bridget does


I think Siobhan will tell Andrew the truth and he will become her ally and she will stay with him so that she can go unnoticed for as long as possible
I do believe Juliet that Mr Carpenter raped her but there seems to be something a little off about the whole story so we will see. Personally I do not think she is pregnant she just uses the sick to her stomach excuse to get out of going to school
I guess Malcolm will stick around
I like that Machado now knows that Siobhan is the bad one not Bridget!!


This was a good episode. However having 2 1/2 months off it kind of ruined the flow of the show for me. If I recall Andrew just recently gave the ring to Bridget/Siobhan as a fresh start to the marriage right?!? I guess Siobhan was super jealous that Bridget got a nice ring and that her and Andrew have a relationship that Siobhan never had with him and she does not like that, so I think she took the ring so that she can be prepared if Andrew ever sees her. I wonder if Bridget will say that the ring shop lost the ring and will get a replacement.


I knew for a fact that Juliet wasn't lying, but I know that there will be a plot twist in there somewhere.
Loved Siobhan in this episode. The furious look in her eyes when she saw Bridget and Andrew kissing was hilarious. I knew she'd take the ring. Haha, I love her.
Malcolm was kinda of pointless this episode. Two simple scenes that simply are working up to once again, nothing? Why do I predict Andrew blaming Malcolm for the fact the files were taken off his computer?
Agent Machado chasing Bridget is boring. He needs an actual storyline that doesn't involve chasing someone. It's like a ride that'll never end.
I really feel bad for Henry. I honestly believe he's more of the victim in Siobhan's game. It sucks, because you tell they both love one another, yet, she's screwing it up.
"I liked Greer and hope she sticks around. Bridget needs a friend now that Gemma's dead." - Have to agree with that.


Great Episode but I still have a feeling that everything wasn't revealed with Juliet and Mr. Carpenter.... However, I did enjoy Bridget punching the crap out of him,it made me think of her BTVS days... Also, I'm happy Malcolm has a stable job and off the drugs so he can do his own thing. I'm hoping that he will stumble onto why Siobhan needed to leave Andrew the way she did. Kudos to the FBI agent for connecting some more dots and I'm feeling really bad for Henry because he doesn't deserve THIS MUCH drama in his life... I hope Siobhan gives him some leeway and tell him SOME truth. In the future, I'm hoping for a showdown with the twins soon because it will be EPIC.


Love the ep. Please continue the streak


I enjoy this episode very much and cannot wait to see what happen on the next episode.

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It's a little hard to trust you when you're using me to get back at your husband.


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