The Big Bang Theory Review: The End of the Roommate Agreement?

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Could the Roommate Agreement finally be revoked? It would be too much to hope for, right?

Sheldon's ways have dominated the Sheldon-Leonard relationship for far too long. Why does Leonard stay? Why are any of the guys friends with Sheldon? He is demanding, stubborn, selfish, and well... Sheldon!

Leonard had finally had enough in "The Friendship Contraction" and told Sheldon "no" to driving him to the dentist. Really, it was Sheldon's own fault with the Emergency Preparedness Test and the ribbing that went with the middle of the night wake-up horn.

Really, Sheldon?!?

But Sheldon didn't take Leonard's rejection well at all. If you say "no" to Sheldon, you are removed from friend status. Would Leonard have opted out of the Roommate Agreement years ago if he knew it was an option? Unfortunately, The Big Bang Theory episodes are self-contained because I would have loved to see the "'Sup" Sheldon and Leonard relationship carry over a few more episodes.

I loved the long list of errand requests that his friends ignored, which included the Dentist, getting new heels put on dress shoes, Dermatologist, Allergist, Podiatrist, Super Cuts, and Ikea (they do have delicious Swedish meatballs!). Even Stuart wouldn't help Sheldon. Though Sheldon's approach left much to be desired.

For reasons well beyond my comprehension, Leonard must be the perfect lackey for Sheldon. Because he is the only sucker in the group, Sheldon had to force his way back into Leonard's good graces. The plan? A building wide blackout! Though without Penny's pushing Leonard back to Sheldon, I don't think it would have happened.

By the way, how cute are the beta testing couple of Penny and Leonard? Too adorable! 

In the end, I can't believe we are back where we started, with the exception of the addition of a "Leonard Day." He did agree to re-sign the Roommate Agreement, right? A little disappointing, but a highlight is we will most likely get to experience an episode around Leonard's day. The day when it is all about him, but he doesn't really get much other than a card.

While that storyline took most of the episode, some of the funniest parts were around Howard and his need for a space-worthy nickname. It was surprising that Raj didn't know about Buzz Aldrin since he is a scientist, but regardless it was hilarious. Buzz, Crash, Rocket Man!

Of course, Howard's mother had to ruin his big moment. So, it is Howard "Fruit Loops" Wolowitz!

Do you think it would have been funnier for the show going forward if the Roommate Agreement was back in full force, it was amended somehow or it was thrown out entirely?
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I have to say Im a little bit annoyed by Sheldon. I know thats the old Sheldon and a few people want to see more of that. But I would like it if Penny,Amy,Raj,Howard and Leonard have the most sreentime and Sheldon just a few lines (like last time). I mean of course not in every ep. but every now and then. I cant believe that he is still so selfish and that no ones stops him. Just cause Penny feels sorry... This would have been a good story for at least 2 ep. Well its still a Comedy, I know. But he should take at least a few steps to get a little bit more normal. I love Lenny ;)
I loved when she said: you dont use your girlfriend for what she is for - sooo true ;)


I like all the characters, including Amy! But after 5+ years of hanging out with the guys and Penny, you'd think Sheldon would have evolved into a kinder and more responsible person by now. I know, little steps, but come on.


They all cater to Sheldon because he's so needy.


Many funny episodes could result from Sheldon learning to drive a car and buying a car of his own. Several episodes could have the friends taking Sheldon to drive in an empty parking lot, losing patience over it, hiring a professional driving instructor, getting his license, and buying a car. It could extend over a whole season worth of shows. Sheldon could eventually drive to Texas to visit the folks. His learning to drive and eventually succeeding (despite all the missteps) could be a great story line. "She's giving me the middle finger wave. And people say LA drivers are not friendly."


Sheldon will always be a fussy, self-absorbed braggart, but it would be nice to see a softer side of him occasionally. It is hard to fathom why Leonard, Penny, Raj and Howard cater to him so often since he continues to belittle them and treat them with no respect. I like the show, but I am getting tired of Sheldon always getting his own way and everyone else treating him with kid gloves. Occasional refusals to cater to his obsessive requests would give this show a boost and make it more fun to watch.


I thought the show was GREAT! Penny's line about girlfeiends was perfect. The boys job is to "think" at least Sheldon, Leonard and Raj's is, Howard is the only one who creates something. Maybe somedsy the others will "create something"(I have 3 engineers in my family)


I love this show. I want to see more of "the girls" and I would like to see them put as regulars. I think Sheldon is hilarious. I really hope to see the retirement of the roommate agreement. I like that Leonard wanted to do things for him because they are friends and not because he has to.


I have a question. What, exactly, do Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard do do for a living? It seems to be some kind of university, but they get to dress like sixth-graders and they never seem to go to class. All they ever do is have lunch. Does such a workplace even exist in America? And where do I sign up?


the whole beta testing of Penny and Leonard i just hope and pray it doesnt end with them getting back together as imo them as a couple nearly destroyed the show and its just starting to get over that and now there going back to what nearly destroyed it.


i liked it alot. we got the old sheldon back. i thought it was cute that he missed leonards friendship and went so far of turning the power off to get it back. i am so glad we only saw amy once and she only had one line. i hope next time ther well be no amy and we don't hear her name. i so glad last night show was about leonard's and sheldon's and raj's and howards freinships

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