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One of the best episodes ever! This season is so perfect, that's amazing.

My favourite quote was Penny telling Sheldon that he doesn't use his girlfriend for what she's for. Classic Penny!

And I don't think this roommate agreement story is over. We didn't see Leonard sign the agreement, and he didn't seem really excited by Leonard's after knowing that all he could have is a card.


Sheldon went over the line from seriously irritating to pathetic. Leonard is some kind of a saint to put up with him. I like this show, a lot, but there are times when I cannot tolerate watching even one more minute of Sheldon, and I can never watch the season 2 DVD's straight through in a few days. I have to take a "Sheldon break". I would rather have seen the "sup" relationship. Other story lies have arced a season. No reason why that one could not have.


I agree. I'd have liked a continuing no friend roommate agreement with the "sups" and a real amendment or at least a real Leonard's Day. Sheldon has a plan in case Canada invades LOL.

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