The Big Bang Theory Review: A Painting and Basketball

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How crazy was that picture that Amy got for Penny? What would you do if you got a gift like that? Wow.

Amy's sentiment was spot on, but the gift... not so much. When we first met Amy she was annoying, but through her friendship with Penny and Bernadette she has opened up and become sociable.

Pretty Painting

Amy may not be the mousey wallflower anymore, but she certainly still has a unique charm. Yes, that's a nice way to say she can be odd and even creepy at times. Her infatuation with Penny has always been off, but after being friends for this long, she needs to get over her Penny crush. It is past any inkling of cute.

Given the manly interpretation of Penny in the painting, I can only imagine what the original nude version looked like. At least Amy realized that was over the top, which is a step in the right direction.

While Penny and her friends will continue to have to look at the piece of art, it was thankfully placed off camera so we won't be bombarded with it each week! I was a little disappointed we didn't get to see a reaction from any of the guys, in particular Leonard.

While the girls were dealing with the painting and watching Grease, the guys were occupied with a competition for the newly vacant office at the University. After practically assaulting President Siebert at the urinal, Sheldon and Kripke were left to settle the office battle themselves.

I've mentioned before that I haven't really enjoyed the Kripke character, but both times he has appeared this year have been great. At some point, I need to go back and watch some of his earlier appearances and see if his character has been toned down, better utilized, or I've just grown used to him.

The decision to settle the office battle through basketball was ... brilliant. The mention of Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock was the perfect callback, but even better was Sheldon explaining the game over and over and over again. Kripke should have won the office just for tricking Sheldon!

Did Leonard not realize how bad Sheldon and Kripke would be at basketball? The never-ending battle - where neither participant could win! Everyone can at least bounce a ball, right? And, with that, Sheldon was the winner. Or was he?

He had more problems with that office than different methods of trying to win the office. If the previous occupant was anything at all like Sheldon, perhaps it was the office that made him lose his marbles ... and clothes! The office made Sheldon crazy - the freezing temperature, a hole in wall, wind chimes, singing birds and a noisy geology lab upstairs.

How long with Sheldon last? Well, that is if he ever gets his head out of the wall! Butter, anyone?

"The Rothman Disintegration" wasn't one of my favorite episodes, but it definitely had funny moments. Check out some of the best The Big Bang Theory quotes from it now. Then, stop back and answer this: which was creepier: Sheldon and Kripke in the bathroom with President Siebert or Amy's painting? What's your take? I still can't decide.


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Hi I love the big bang theory, hoeldsn is my fave character and I me and my freind Lucie are so mad (and slightly sad) that we play rock-paper-scissors-lizard-spock! Oh and painted my face as the doppler effect at the summer fair!!! LOL!LOVE BIG BANG!!!CANT WAIT TILL SEPTEMBER 21st SEASON 3 . COME SOON!!!


Amy is hilarious! The way she wants to become more normal because of Penny is just funny... And Sheldon's version of rock, paper scissors, lizard, Spock is the best!


Actually, Penny is one of my least favorite characters. I find her annoying whereas I think Amy is utterly hilarious. Her awkwardness is just... female version of the guys' but more extreme?


I feel like most of this season has been hit and miss as it struggles with its identity. Is it going to be a show about relationships or about the fun nerdy science guys like the last four seasons where relationships were secondary.
I am not a fan of Amy's character. She can deliver one funny line per-show but most of the time comes of as awkward and unlikeable. And this episode was no exception. The classic story line of one person giving a gift and the receiver not liking the gift but not wanting to offend has been done so many times before and this episode offered no change to the standard formula. Again rather than address a serious question (how does Penny view her friendship with Amy) which has been rising to the surface since they started hanging out, the question is swept under the rug and hidden as quickly as it came up, buried deep in the episode and nothing is resolved. This has happened a number of times before this season (Bernadette not wanting to have kids).

Childish gambino

maybe its just me but is anybody else getting tired of Amy especially with the whole Amy loves Penny thing


Amy is hit and miss. Basketball went on too long. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard Spock was a good callback and Kripke tricking Sheldon was funny. Nothing about the girls story was funny. Sheldon hating the new office was good.


The guys need to be around Penny more. Amy needs to move to Montana or something! As far as the basketball playoff! I loved it! HYSTERICAL!


I wasn't as enthused by this episode as I have been the last few weeks. Rothman's "invisible" comment was easily the best one-liner of the night and Sheldon freak out about his new office was pretty priceless, as was Leonard's reaction to Sheldon getting stuck in the hole in the wall. As the for the basketball contest, most of the competition felt forced, especially Kripke's really obviously fake lack of athleticism. Sheldon was more believable but the whole scene quickly became old and I felt more like Leonard at the end, just wanting the whole thing to get over with. Penny's reaction to the painting was fantastic and spot-on to any normal person's reaction would be to the painting, but the rest of the arc was predictable and rarely funny. I don't think this will crack the top 10 best episodes this season, but the male end of the story was defiantly worth watching.

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