The Lying Game Review: I'm Not Sutton Mercer!

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It's hard to keep a show at five stars every week, so I don't fault The Lying Game for having a slower week here. "Reservation for Two" was still a solid hour, with Emma trying to clean up the mess that Ethan and Sutton left behind.

I've been wondering for weeks when people would start to pick up on the extremely different personalities that "Sutton" has been displaying. I guess it took more frequent switching of the twins to bring out the suspicion. Thank goodness Kristen and Laurel are finally noticing how bipolar this situation has been!

Life on the Reservation

It's hard to keep up a charade when there isn't really a handbook and the switches have become so frequent. First, Ted almost ripped off Emma's band aid last week. This week, the midterm grades are a complete 180 from the real Sutton. Kristen lamented that it's hard to believe it's the same kid, and we all know why.

We all know Sutton is a bitch, but, damn, I thought she at least loved Mads and Char. The move she pulled hitting on Ryan at the Black and White Ball was totally over the line. I didn't really go into it last week, but now that Ryan spilled the beans to Mads, the jig is up. 

Another thing that's up? Emma's patience. There is only so much lying she is willing to do for her evil twin. I can't imagine she had much strength left in her after the police questioning. Interesting tidbit that Alec taught us this week: apparently glancing left before answering a question means you're accessing the truth. Looking right means you're just another pretty little liar. Something I'll have to remember next time I'm put on the spot!

Laurel continues to be my favorite character and I love that she's officially in a band now. She's so creative and I'm happy others are recognizing her talent. It's too bad that Justin seems jealous and can't just be happy for her. After all the BS he put her through, he should be majorly supportive right now. I have a feeling he might not stick around too much longer. Baz is presenting himself as a far more appealing romantic option.

Speaking of romance, Rebecca and Alec are heating up quite nicely. Or should I say, Alec is falling right into Rebecca's trap. When she was shadily picking out engagement rings last week she seemed very certain that they would be getting serious. So here's my theory of the week: Now that Rebecca and Alec consummated their relationship, I'm gonna guess that Rebecca messed with her birth control and is hoping to trap Alec by getting pregnant. 

Isn't this all a little odd since she apparently had some dalliance with Ted back in the day? A dalliance that could've resulted in the birth of Sutton and Emma? I have to say that Rebecca doesn't seem too interested in anything related to Sutton and Emma. Maybe she's just taking her time to get a game plan going.

I wasn't all that interested with Sutton and Ethan at the ranch. I know people were pretty psyched to bring a little bit of the Twilight sage to The Lying Game but I wasn't taken with it. So what did everyone think? Was this week's episode everything you hoped for or was it lacking a bit? Most of all, will Mads believe Emma is telling the truth? Weigh in in the comments!


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The whole Annie Hobbs story does not add up either. The conversation Annie had with the girls in the hospital was completely contrary to what she said when Sutton showed up at the mental hospital. And what the pictures of Annie Hobbs that Emma found with Ted and Alec in the album, and the one with Char's mom at their house? I also don't get what is going on with Thayer. He keeps telling Emma that his dad can't be involved in all this. Isn't this the same guy who accused his father of arranging the accident that landed Eduardo in the hospital and ran him out of town? I think the writer is just making up story lines without paying attention to the older episodes and original plots.


I don't know if anyone can answer my questions but i have been finding a lot of holes in the story lines. First the Justin story. He remembers everything about the day his mom died including the bracelet she was wearing. And Kristen during her conversation with Ted was remembering that the incident happened when they were trying to get pregnant which means it must have happened before they adopted Sutton. And we know that the Mercers adopted Sutton when she was only 3 days old. If Justtin was old enough to remember his mother's death so vividly, before Sutton and Laurel were born, wouldn't that mean he has to be a lot older than both of them?


I believe that Mads will think that Sutton is crazy. And probably needs medical help. I want Ethan to love Emma no matter what. That is what true love is. I don't want Sutton to die tho. She should learn from all her mistakes. Aleck is a traitor I know he killed Derek. First his conversation with Dan n when he told Rebecca he was gonns be home but he went out. If u don't remember when Sutton n Ethan were leaving some car pulled up. You saw the head lights.


I thought the show was great as always and made me want to fast forward my life until Monday. Little disappointed that they give away the biggest moment of the show last week already. And goin to be so pissed if Ethan falls for that snake Sutton again. I can't stand that lying biotch! And tell me if y disagree but pretty sure alek killed Derek or hired someone to (kinda thought that was obvious but apparently no1 else thinks so?


also, i love the relationship ethan and emma have. it will completly break my heart if that ends. cant wait until next episode. truth will come out!.....hopefully


i LOVED this episode. I love emma. I just wish she would come out already! and i swear if ethan kisses sutton again, and falls for her stupid butt im going to flip! i cant stand sutton, she is backstabbing and a LIAR!


Sutton annoys the hell out of me! I don't care for that character and hopefully they will do like the books and kill her of. As for Ethan if he is falling for Sutton again he has no back bone! I like Thayer a lot so I wouldn't mind Emma looking that way.


I'm glad Emma finally told someone else who she really is. I think that Mads woulnt believe her at first but I think Thayer will come in and after es talks with him she will know that it's true and join there little grouping trying to figure out who killed Derek and about there birth mother. It was a great episode and I can't wait till next week.


All back stories. No advancement on who killed Derek. But I found the episode all necessary. Did not see Rebbecca and Alex doing the nasty already, so that was a pleasant surprise. I'm expecting more from the reservation next week as that story line was lacking.
In the preview I think I saw the trio of Emma, Mads and Thayer determined looks on their faces. So Mads seems to be joining in on the hurt for the killer. I think the killer has to do with Derek's past in Juvenal Court and nothing with the Twins.


Emma will probably backtrack her claim tho, I don't see her coming clean yet, she wants to be apart of the Mercer family and if she decides to tell the truth to Mads then it's only a matter of time before they find out. Emma will probably backtrack and be like im not Sutton, the old Sutton. I liked Sutton at first but she's so manipulative to everyone and I can't relate to the situation. Why is this adoption affecting her so much when she has had two parents who have given her everything? It's clear they never put up boundaries and now she feels so self entitled. Totes Team Emma when it comes to the twins.

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