The River Promo, Poll: What Did You Think?

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The search for Emmet Cole is on.

After two hours worth of The River last night, which premiered on ABC with back to back episodes, are you along for the ride? Will you be strapping in again next Tuesday night?

Ratings for the opener of this thrilling jaunt down the Amazon weren't strong, but critical acclaim is high and with Paranormal Activity writer Oren Peli behind The River, there's a good chance ABC gives it a solid look, continuing with next week's "Los Ciegos."

Look for crew members to actually go blind on the episode and then look at the official network preview here:

What grade would you give The River premiere?

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I find this show to be a breath of fresh air. I stopped watching "Lost" when it appeared to me to be following a dragged type plot( it appeared to me to last forever and lost its spark of mystery). I couldn't wait to see the first showing of "The River" and when I saw it I was totally in love. The writers and the producers put together one heck of a thrill ride filled with scares and edge of your seat action. I will continue to watch this as long as they can air it and I hope it will continue for more than a season.


I liked it, But I also am a huge fan of the Paranormal Activity franchise.
In my opinion, after Lost most people started looking for a new adventure. A new serie that has the same mystery, questions, answers, more questions, great characters, awesome storyline.
And I think this serie could be the one. Of course (don't get me wrong) there are other great series out there like the walking dead, breaking bad, supernatural and some others. But something like Lost, not at all. ABC could relive Lost with The River. I hope they can because Lost was/is amazing.
The River has potential

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I've been dying to cut this rats nest since we've been on the boat.


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AJ: Hahahaha! You're covered in bat sh*t!