The River Review: Can You See Me Now?

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"Los Ciegos" wasn't as strong as the first two episodes of The River. Although it attempted to up the fright factor by blinding the crew, it didn't work nearly as well as it could have.

Did Clark have more invested in this television show than finding Emmet Cole? It appears that after years of working with the Coles, I thought Clark may have had a crush on Tess. Until they were both blindly floundering with each other. Did they have an affair? Could that be what triggered the guilt Lincoln thought brought her out to look for Emmet in the first place? 

Arguing by The River

AJ's fear of caves keeps him out of the dark. Literally. Going into caves with only flashlights and a camera would be scary as Hell, especially after spending days in a collapsed mine. Minus the screams and the bats, at first glance the cave was actually quite beautiful. AJ was laughing so hard at them covered in bat guano when they ran away they wouldn't let him sleep near them.

That's where the first likeness to The Blair Witch came upon us. Even I recognize that people sneaking around tents and planting mysterious symbols beside them brings forth the movie. But it didn't bother me.

Jahel - who spent her childhood on a boat with an English speaking TV show and understands the language but never speaks it - seems to have learned about every mythical creature and native ritual in the Amazon. She's an enigma, but also at a disadvantage. Sometimes the more you know the worse it seems around every corner.

The Morcego were some freaky creatures. I think it's a really good thing everyone was blind because this would haunt their nightmares for years to come: Grey, empty eye sockets and what looked like a head that had been separated and sewn back together. When you think about it, it was very kind of them to blind everyone first. Thanks, Morcego!

Truly, they weren't bad creatures at all. There was a lesson to be learned there, about being truthful and owning up to your sins, because when Clark finally admitted it was all his fault they were there (and that there was no affair between he and Tess), they not only stopped their attack, they lead AJ to the bulb and pulled him from the cave that was quickly filling with dirt. That's kind of magical.

Other bits:

  • We still have no idea who Kurt is talking to. An extraction? Is it some federal agency he's working with? I can't figure it out.
  • I'm a long hair girl, but once Lena cut Lincoln's hair he looked so much better!
  • Those giant slugs were the scariest part of the show. I don't think someone clamping their hand over my mouth would have been enough to keep me from screaming with every ounce of my being.
  • AJ is turning into one of the most entertaining characters. Who knew?

What did you think of The River's third episode? Anything still catching your interest? I've heard good things about the next episode so I hope you stick with us.


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what happened to AJ? have I missed something?


Actually sort of like this show: the "magic" is actually "magical," not the logic-based sort of "magic" we've come to know from roleplaying games, video games, and big budget vampire movies. Real world folklore is full of this sort of illogical stuff. That being said, the characters are still pretty weak, especially Jahel. Not the fault of actress, mind you; it's the character concept itself. She's a mechanical genius, an expert on (mostly) Brazilian jungle folklore, but only speaks Spanish (not Portuguese, the language of Brazil, which contains the majority of the Amazon River) despite having been raised on a ship full of English-speaking people. The character just doesn't make sense.


I wasn't impressed with the 1st 2 episodes. Pretty standard situations. The only somewhat original aspect was the "documentary" aspect. We are supposed to believe the whole expedition never returned, but the documentary footage was left behind. This whole show reminds me of some movie I saw years ago, but I don't remember the name. Since the show is only running for 8 episodes or weeks, I'll keep watching it just in case it does get good. Other than that, it's pretty boring.


This episode nailed it for me: The "handheld" angles ruin every shred of interest I might have had in the show. They don't add anything to the show when they are used all the time.


I loved this episode was not disappointed at all, in fact it was much better than I thought it would be. Watched it three times already!


I have it DVR'd, and only watch when I'm out of everything else. Hate the hand-held effect. Hated Blair Witch. It's not scary and I can never get a clear idea of where anybody is in relationship to anybody else. So I save it for when I'm too tired to care. Cheerio!


Last night I watched the episode on Hulu cause I couldnt on Tuesday and I though the episode was really good and maybe even a little better than the first 2. In the first 2 episodes Lincoln understood something's that Jahel was saying but in this episode he could translate I actually like that he can understand her besides her dad because I think it makes the episode better. I can't wait for the next episode I am deffinetly going to try and watch it Tuesday night when it's on but if I can't I'm deffinetly going on Hulu on Wendsday and watching it I live this show it is really good and very scary an creepy at a lot of parts.


Wow. I am sorry to see so many of you disappointed by the third hour. I loved the Blair Witch and found this third hour truly scary. I Loved the claustrophic feel of it. The blind being hunted always takes me back to Silence of the Lambs and terrifies me. Overall, I found this hour to be great mix of terror mixed with character insights.


I love this show. Your are right, this one was not as strong, and it did have a more Blair Witch feel, but all in all it was good. My biggest complaint is the fact that Jahel speaks only Spanish but understand English. It's annoying because I have to read everything she says. And I'm with you on the giant slug thing - I am pretty sure I would be dead because there is no way I would be able to stifle that scream. I still have the willies!


I'm seriously asking - Did Lincoln speak the local language in the first 2 episodes? I could swear nobody could communicate with Jahel except when her dad was translating. Maybe my memory is bad but I thought there were scenes in which Lincoln was trying to understand her and other locals but just said a few broken words.
Having her father be the only one who could understand her was the selling point. In this episode Lincoln is fluently speaking in her language (Portuguese?). I don't want to scan through the first episodes to find out for sure.

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The River Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

I've been dying to cut this rats nest since we've been on the boat.


Lincoln: AJ! You ok?
AJ: Hahahaha! You're covered in bat sh*t!