The Vampire Diaries Canadian Teaser: A Price and a Loophole

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Will Elena tell Elijah the truth about his mother's plans on this Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries?

That's very much the implication in the following Canadian trailer, which depicts different scenes than the CW promo for "All My Children."

Might Elena's guilt over her role in Esther's dastardly scheme foil that plot ? What does Damon want to do with his dagger? Find out now in the following video tease:

Look for Bonnie and her mom to also resurface on the episode, which will feature a full moon and also lead in to an extended Vampire Diaries hiatus, one that will eventually result in a special Damon tribute.

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Gosh please don't dagger Elijah again seriously. It would be the what, fifth time?


I hope they don't kill off Rebekah, Elijah, Kol, and Klaus.


seriously like i'm so tired of freakin loopholes! how are we supposed to believe there are stakes and consequences for anything then?


I love the Originals, I want them to stay alive, especially Klaus and Elijah (I love them) ... this season is the best of TVD

David and sabrina 2014

It looks like every episode is going wild with event breakouts and strange mysteries. I'm not sure how long the mystery will last but I definitely want the original family to get lost from Mystic Falls for good cause they mostly screw up the events that happen throughout the show. I wonder what else will come up for the season. =P ;P =O


I think the preview is misleading in that it implies that Elijah is ok with Elena dying. You know this isn't true. I read somewhere that he has to convince Damon to help save this may just be him trying to convince Damon, and his tone and the clip make it sound like he's making a threat.
I think that they find out what the mother is going to do and so they want to perform some kind of spell to stop it, and if they can't do that they may try and kill Elena (which I doubt Elijah would let happen).
I sort of hope they explore Elena and Elijah more. I really would like her to take a break from the Salvatore brothers.


elijah is too hot to die, c/mon. elena and elijah would be a great match actually. leave the boys go for the man!


I really think that Klaus is really having some plans for Caroline! He does not love her (thanks god ,forwood fan here) he is trying to get something! Caroline drinks his blood and... Not going t comment annoying Ellena storylines anymore!


We also have 1912 before the hiatus.


When did Elijah take charge of family business? Where's Klaus while all this is going on? When did killing Elena become okay to him? P.s. please don't kill Klaus and Elijah.....

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