The Vampire Diaries to Air Damon Origin Episode

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He's a lover. He's a fighter. He's a self-destructive wild card who lashes out when hurt, as evidenced by his actions to conclude "Dangerous Liaisons."

He's Damon Salvatore, and he's the heart, soul and often shirtless body of of The Vampire Diaries. But how did he come to be this way? We'll find out on March 15.

In the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly (yes, this one), Julie Plec prepares fans for a significant flashback installment. It will focus on Damon and, in the words of this producer, depict "the birth and rebirth of that wicked, wonderful character."

Very Dapper Damon

How mysterious. How intriguing. How many days until March 15?!?

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I'm with FRulz!!
I would love to see something between Elena and Elijah!!
But I'll always be a Stefan and Elena fan!! Love Damon but he's not for Elena....


I've been rooting for Damon ever since season 1. He and Elena just have so much more chemistry, and they're such opposites in so many ways that would make them explosive together. However, right now, I'm kind of hoping Elena and Elijah get something going on...


I am definitively a Stefan and Elena fan! In the books and in the show these two are meant to be. They are in love. In my opinion they are meant to be together. They are the center of the show. It would break my heart if they weren't together. They give hope for love. I'm starting to think she's gonna end up without either of them. I just hope that they end up back together. I love Damon as a character, but him and Elena aren't meant to be. They're two different people. He needs to be with someone more like


we are not stuck in season 1 and we didn't ignore everything the show has told has since then,the thing you can't just ignore all the good things stefan has done to elena and damon just coz he's been acting like a d**k this season and also coz damon has been a hero this season.Everyone knows that stefan is the hero for the whole S1 and 2 and damon is the anti-hero,call me bias or what ever you want but it's the truth and nobody has ever said damon is all bad,he isn't as good as stefan but that doesn't mean that he doesn't have it in him,damon has said it alot of times that his brother is better than him.The thing that must people said about stefan or stelena most of the times is purely qouted on bias,how can you say stefan has never been honest to elena and damon has never lied to her please just hear yourself you know its a lie.


@Katherine See this is the problem with Stelena fans. You are stuck in season 1 and ignore everything the show has told us since then. How can you do that? You dont read the first page of an huge novel and say this is the entire story? Since the first season we have learnt so much of the characters..that Stefan is actually worse than Damon, that he is a liar who was never honest with Elena, that Damon is a good guy and a hero. You just cant ignore all the stories and character development, close your eyes and cling to the "ideal" Stelena they showed us in the first season. It was all a lie!

David and sabrina 2014

With all these new spoilers coming up, the Team Damon fans will sure melt with all this deep info on him. In this previous episode, he did look like he wanted to go badass again, even though he went all weirdly crazy with Rebekah. Damon can sometimes act weird,compared to being a hot vampire for many girls, but it will be a bummer if he does go badass again to leave Elena behind. The show's mysteries can sometimes go really weird but it gets us vampire diaries fans on the edge of our seats. =O =P ;P


@Katherine: I own the first 2 seasons. SE was glorified puppy love and she was consistently lied to by him. That is their foundation, so forgive myself and most everyone for disagreeing with you. I'm sorry but Damon loves Elena more then anyone and the only arguement you have (and its temporary) is Elena doesn't love Damon as much, yet.


i do remember what stefan and elena were like in the beginning, but ever since this season started i can't help but love elena and damon, i prefer damon overall anyway, the way he loves her is a lot more hmm noble than stefan, and i don't care what anyone says stefan has been a dick this hole season, and the reason damon acts like a dick is cause he loves elena!


Some people should really watch season 1 all over again.. Do you just forget how good Stefan was to Elena, and he still loves her even when he doesn't show it. And what a dick Damon has been.. Everyone who is saying that Damon is so great and Stefan is such an asshole, go back to the begin.


Its bad when SE fans try so hard lol. Their side equals crickets. So happy for a Damon epi :)

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