The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 101

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The set up of Elijiah confronting Rebekah in this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest resulted in a good number of responses, many of which left us laughing.

But we awarded the top entry to the user "Amie," but his/her simple, straightforward, accurate submission below. It perfectly captured two of the major events from the most recent episode.

Check out the winner now and don't be discouraged if it is not you. There's always next week! Come back and play again.


Elijah: Mother made us vampires. She did not make us whores!

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Elijah: If you were a hooker and not my sister, I'd push you infront of a bus.


Rebekah: Guess who's now done both Salvatores!
Elijah:'re grounded


Elijiah: mother didn't turn us into vampires to be slutty whores.
Rebekah: yea well mother didn't turn us in to vampire to be nosey, kiss-up assholes.
Elijiah: ...I'm just gunna this cake
Rebekah: yea u go do that:)


Elijah: Rebekah.
Rebekah: What?
Elijah: Someone glued my fingers together...


Elijah: Dear, you have been caged for 400 years; it's just cobweb, nothing more!


Elijah: i found this peice of crap on my pillow last night. i know it was you that shat upon my resting place. in the future i suggest you save this kind of immaturity for one of our annoying brothers.


Elijah: Rebekah, no matter how har you try Oprah will not come back to daytime tv.


Elijah: I have concerns about Mother's intentions.
Rebekah: You've noticed the awkward sexual tension between her and Finn too? o_o


Elijah: Mother made us vampires. She did not make us whores!


Elijah: How about "When you play with Originals you win or you die?" Or maybe "Night is falling in Mystic Falls?"
Rebekah: Honey, this is the CW, not HBO. Our tag line is still "Love sucks."
Elijah: Great. I can kiss my street cred good-bye.

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