The Vampire Diaries February Finale: What to Expect

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So the Original children now have a Mother of a problem, and Damon has a new (HOT!) notch in his bedpost. These were the two biggest developments on last night's "Dangerous Liaisons."

On a somewhat slower episode of The Vampire Diaries, they set the stage for next week's "All My Children," the final installment before the show goes on hiatus again for a few weeks. So, what can fans look forward to during that hour?

  • Elena being "pissed" about Damon and Rebekah (Ramon?), according to Julie Plec, as news of that hook up moves quickly through Mystic Falls.
  • Bonnie and her mother to be recruited by Esther in her mission to off Klaus and company.
  • A full moon.
  • And, based on the following promo, a major threat against Elena's life.

Check out the preview now and, don't get your hopes up Forwood fans: still no sight of Tyler. He won't return until the spring...

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I'm waiting for Stefan, with his new game . He is the best as lover, botehrr, friend and hope that this time he will be one step ahead than klaus . Come on Stefan win the game.

David and sabrina 2014

Here we go again with the breaks. After this week's episode of "All My Children",the show will go on break again,which could get some fans mad all over again. We all keep wondering what else will happen throughout the show and if the mysteries will ever be solved. By the time we head to episode 18, the show will be 3/4 of the way done. =/ =P ;P ;/


I used to love tad but it was gotten a Predictable the only thing keeping me interested is the klaus and Caroline relationship and the originals and if they die I see no point to that huge build up or the show it's getting pointless with the elena Stefan and Damon love triangle.


"ALLEYV12" Couldn't agree more!


Yes I agree with Katerina. I also think that all vampires will be dead too. Not just her children. She feels that vampirism is wrong and should never have happen. I think that Elena will find out what the catch is. I also think that because she loves Damon Stefan and Caroline there is no way she will continue to help Ester. I bet that Tyler will also be link to that. Because Ester will not kill her kids only to leave the world of vampires and hybrids. Bonnie will feel strongly compelled to not join Ester because of her love for Carolyn


I have to disagree the whole caroline/klaus thing will give new depth to the klaus character i find the pairing a surprise twist and could be a great pairing depending on how the write it up till now most of her pairings have fallen flat. I am looking forward to where they writers are heading here but i am sure esters plan isn't so black and white and I am guessing will have some sort of twist to it. I also don't think they are going to kill of the originals at least not all of them so there probaly is going ot be some way to stop it


Elena is so funny,why would she be pissed about damon and rebekah after she said his love for her is a problem,i know she regretted saying it but her actions clearly indicates that being with damon is not right and i don't blame her that,she can't just start dating her ex-boyfriends brother while she is still very much in love with him.I think may be elijah finds out that elena lied to him that's why he's threating her.Another hiatus for God sake,i don't like it how much breaks are we going to have.


The catch is going to be the death of all vamps and the doppleganger along with the 5 Originals...those 5 are linked by the blood of the doppleganger (Elena) and from those 5 are all spawned every vamp on earth. She wouldn't kill her own children and leave all other vamps to continue exisiting.


the whole toasting at the ball, now every vampire in mystic falls is linked not just what ester thought. so of course it will involve the stefan and damon, caroline, and all the other unknown vampires. because lets face it, if they are the orginal, then from them spawned all the others and ester wants to kill what she created - all the vampires.


esther is right elijah is moral I hope he does'nt die and be like the original vamp who rules, like the volturi.

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