The Vampire Diaries Giveaway: Who is the Mystic Falls Murderer?

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On the weekend of April 14 and 15, cast members from The Vampire Diaries - led by Paul Wesley, Daniel Gillies and Michael Trevino - will meet and greet fans at a convention in Chicago.


Over the next few weeks, TV Fanatic will be giving away free pairs of tickets to a handful of readers for an event hosted by Creation Entertainment. It will include panel discussions, autograph sessions, trivia contests, photos opportunities and more. Visit the official site for more details.

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So let's get started, shall we?

This is the first of what will be many contests, each resulting in TWO free General Admission tickets to the aforementioned event (travel and accommodation expenses not included). We figured we'd have some fun with the Mystic Falls Murderer, so here's how you enter to win...

  1. Log-in for the site or register an account.
  2. Leave a comment below and tell us, in 100 words or fewer, who you think is responsible for the murders in Mystic Falls. Only registers users are eligible.
  3. That's it! We'll review the responses, choose the most creative/funniest/applicable entry and announce our first ticket recipient this Friday, March 2.

Good luck to all!

UPDATE: We have selected a winner!

While many readers explained their basis for choosing Meredith, Katherine or Jeremy, only "geronimo" went out on a hilarious limb and went with... Aunt Jenna! We're sure that is incorrect, but for making us laugh with the following response, this user has won two free tickets to the event. Stay tuned for more giveaways, as we have plenty more tickets to hand out!

It's pretty obviously the ghost of Aunt Jenna! Come on! She's super pissed for being killed off. First she went after Logan ScumFell's sister's exboyfriend (and the medical examiner who most likely declared her death an accident). Then she went for Bill Forbes. Why? He's not only a vampire-hater, but he also left Caroline's mom for a man. Mystic Falls women gotta stick together! There's no question why should we go for Alaric. Dude kissed another girl! In her house!

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I think that this is all Klaus playing games trying to take out members of the council so he can bring his hybrids back to town. I think Meredith has teamed up with him and is secretly a hybrid.


IT'S KATHERINE!! it's plain to see. first of all, the show wants u to think it is Meredith but it's not her. and where has Katherine been all of this time!?!? it is soo obvious! plus, they had Elenas finger prints on the murder weapon, but she didn't do it. so who is the only other person in the world who is just like Elena!?!?BINGO IT'S KATHERINE! she is being her bitchy sphycotic self and manipulating and killing ppl before she makes her big enterance back to mystic falls!


you really want my opinion? well let me tell it to u straight up, I think the Mystic Falls murderer is Katherine. like really isn't it obvious!?!? where has Katherine been all of this time? EXACTLY! she is getting back at people in a weird way. 1.she killed Meredith's ex because she was getting close with Alaric. she killed Carolines father because Caroline failed Katherine's duties. Katherine is being her bitchy self and getting back at Mystic Falls. it's plain to see.


I have a strong feeling it's Katherine. The main reason being that Sheriff Forbes found only Elena's fingerprints on one of the murder weapons and wouldn't Katherine and Elena have the same fingerprints since they are doppelgängers? Surely the fingerprint thing was brought up for a reason...


I really believe that it could be Rebekah. She is very sneaky and she is always everywhere. The one episode she was at the hospital to kill Elena. She could of been there to kill Caroline's dad. The only thing i can think that Meredith has to do with it is she is teamed up with Rebekah for revenge on the Gilbert family.


It has to be a vampire or a witch that can compel people to forget who they are or move so fast that people don't see them. I think that it is Sage and Meredith is either her contact or accomplish.


The killer is Meredith.


I think the killer i Meredith. She ha been acting really weird.


Clearly it's Matt, I mean we all know why. He's always the victim and really could care less about being a part of the whole mystical part of mystic falls. If I was him, I would embody the best kind of killer considering the fact that I will never be viewed as a suspect because I'm lonesome Matt, that is so sweet and kind. Also a pyscho that wouldn't even hurt a fly.


Probably Meridith. She seems like the kind of person who would rather kill people than help people

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