The Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek: Drinking to a Death?

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She's better off without me. And she's sure as Hell better off with you.

Quick, who do you think Stefan is talking about in the quote above?

It's courtesy of next Thursday's "All My Children" and of the following clip from that episode, which finds the Salvatore siblings discussing the potential love of both their lives. Take note of Damon's reference to "Esther's plan" (what is it, exactly?) and of Stefan's jab at his brother's "sleepover" (we all know who that was with).

Read through my review of this week's "Dangerous Liaisons" now, get your first glimpse at one of the scenes to come and also consider: why is Stefan staring so intently at Damon's drink in this sneak peek?

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I'm not sure what's up between the Salvatore brothers, but we'll see what happens throughout the show. If Stefan can return to his normal self, things will surely go out better, involving the season halfway done (almost to 3/4 by episode 18). It will keep the fans of this show on their edge of their seats. =P =O ;P


Oh... Stefans back to being his boring old self. Great.


lol, really. Stelena had a pretty long relationship (for MF anyway) and they slept together. it's really hilarious if Damon and Elena start dating and sleep together and Elena feels guilty because of her feelings and love for Stefan and at some point she'll be with him again. it's just extremely dysfunctional and idk, funny to think about it. ok, it's a love triangle and i think the Salvatore brothers deserve each other and are better of without her, but it's not going to happen. oh an how can she live with herself when she's actually slept with both of them and loves both of them? well, it's Elena so i’ll tell you what: she can't. so if it's going to be Demon, it's never going to be Stefan again. or it's never going to be Damon and always Stefan. lol, i guess it's why this teasing is STILL going on and she's picking neither of them. she should find someone else and leave these two alone for all i care. there are more interesting triangles then those three.


Damon He saved MATT from Phsyco Kol, so it is a good thing that he lashed out. And WOW was Elena a bitch to him at the end - Damon: I am mad at you because I love you...
Elena: Well, maybe that is the problem... Ouch!!! I like Elena but this time she was a nasty girl. So good on Damon for sleeping with Rebeka! & Now Elena the idiot will ruin Esthers entire plan!!!! byy spilling the beans to Elijah!! what an idiot. So ofcourse Damon & Stefan will do what Elijah wants because they will want to save her AGAIN. Seriously, she is an idiot.


Yes, finally I am reading comments which were written by sensible people. Ian and Nina are not Damon and Elena! Just because they are together in real life does not mean that Damon is the one for Elena. And I am also getting tired of the fact that more recently there are articles and stories focusing more on what is to come for Delena, and not giving enough credit to Stelena. The writers and producers are digging a grave for themselves if they decide to make it a Delena show...not TVD.


@naomase:Totally agree with you.I like both ian and nina and i'm happy that they are together real life but that doesn't mean that it has to happen in the show,elena and damon are not nina and ian.


Sometimes it's annoying how people relate's Damon and Elena with Ian and Nina. I love the characters and i love them as well, but pls people has to stop relating Vampire Diaries with the people they are because they are different. People are entitled to their opinions, but they should not say bcoz Ian and Nina are dating so their should be Damon and Elena. Those reasons are lame!


Stefan says "And she's sure as hell better off WITHOUT you"...not with you!!!!!! Can you all just stop forcing the whole damn Delena "thing", it's getting really really annoying! You're reading in all kinds of crazy things between them, in every single scene where they appear together...or don't! She doesn't love him, she loves Stefan, end of story! In all the captions of the last episode you haven't even metioned the last scene with Elenea and Stefan, which was a really emotional one!
If Damon and Elena end up together, I'm gonna stop watching the whole damn show, it's just not right...


Could somebody please tell me what they're saying? I can't understand it :(
Thank you.


The quote should read. "And she's ure as hell better off WITHOUT you."

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Why do you look like someone just show a panda bear?


Elena: If you're mad at me, Damon, you need to get over it.
Damon: Oh, I'm over it.

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