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I think it's time to turn Elena into a vampire. She's boring. So I vote Elena.


Matt is the slightly-inside, outsider who is willing to help. Need someone like that from time to time.

Alaric isn't dead. (see the period to the left? very final-type punctuation, must be true)

Bonnie is the witch, she's not going anywhere.

As much as it goes against the apparent goal of this entire season, I don't think we are losing Klaus either. He's proven a really good character. Now Rebekah on the other hand ... maybe, but not yet. I'm thinking just when Klaus is starting to blend, become tolerable, Rebekah dying could send him right back over the edge. How much fun would that be? :)


I want Meredith to die from this list but my top death wish contestant is Elena.


Abbey Bennet, so Bonnie could finally go on a rampage!
Mayor Lockwood, klaus for punishing Forwood!
Maybe Becca, but as Damon's new madam she could be save for a while! ;)


I think Matt will die, though I hope Meredith will meet her end.


Klaus has not died yet, Joseph Morgan tweeted that he was happy to be back in Atlanta the other day and Claire Holt who plays Rebekah mention being in Atlanta a couple days ago as well! I hope it is Meredith, I could not stand if she was made to be a series regular it is not a problem i have with the actress I just don't see a point to her character!

I agree with a lot of you as well why is Elena not on the list :)


This death has to connect with everyone in MF. I look at this way: Matt can't die because he is the "potential" guy Klaus wants Elena to have kids with, so maybe he'll protect him in some way. Mayor Lockwood's death will only affect Tyler's return. Sh.Forbes can't die because Caroline already lost one parent, and Alaric can't "adopt" so many orphan kids, Klaus is definitely not going to die becoz its hard to outsmart him, Bonnie is the last witch standing. My top 3 are 1. Rebekah, because her death means that Klaus will really lose his mind, 2. Meredith, becoz we will finally meet the real puppet master, 3. Alaric, becoz it will be connected with the whole oak tree thing.


Hope is Klaus !


Oh please let Rebecca die. Can't stand the bitch


Meredith is def the next to die. She is very closely related to the mystic falls killer so either she gets caught in the cross fire or she is the killer and she dies.
By the Way why isn't Abby Bennett on the list? She could not want to be a vamp or somehow Klaus kills her.

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