90210 Sneak Peek: A Selfish Standoff

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Which is more selfish, hiding a cancer test from a loved one? Or getting angry at the person who might have cancer for said hiding?

Such is the topic at hand when Navid confronts Silver on tomorrow night's new episode of 90210. Take a side in this argument as you watch a scene from "Blue Ivy" now:

Elsewhere on the episode:

  • Someone will propose.
  • Dixon will admit a secret to Navid.
  • Haley Reinhart will perform.
  • Liam will order Vanessa to move out.

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I have got to the point where I don’t even want to watch the show anymore……..Liam & Silver. Really….did they really start something up between these two. Silver has gone through everybody boyfriends and ex’s on the show and it’s not cute. I’m actually surprise that she or Naomi never caught anything. I really hope that they do not let Liam and Silver lead to somewhere and they realize that it was a mistake, but I did read somewhere that Silver suppose to get pregnant, I hopes its not Liam’s. I did like Silver in the beginning when she was with Dixon, but now she has become my least favorite character. Last but not least why are the writers keeping Annie and Liam away from each other? They had the hardest time getting together and then y’all don’t even give them a fighting chance to stay together.


I love Navid


Ugggghhhh. Is it just me or is Silver nothing but a hooch?? I can't stand her.. first she goes after Navid while he was with Adriana. Now it's Liam... Silver u need to move far away and never return!! You are just like your older sister Kelly.... I guess home wrecking runs in the family! DYLAN AND BRENDA FOREVER!!! lol


What you guys high? Navid is awsome, and he should go after Silver.. this is such a stupid arguement.


Oh, ok! I'm not happy for Navid's return either, but if this means that he will be back with Silver, and leave Liam for Annie, i'm fine with that. But since we all have watched the promo above, something like that isn't going to happen, at least for this episode! Navid is only good for Adrianna, despite the fact that i like her with Dixon! Overall i think, that the 1st season couples are the best. ADRIANNA+NAVID, SILVER+DIXON, NAOMI+OLD LIAM!


ugh another dramz stupid pointless story


Ugh. Why is Navid back? The last 3 episodes were amazing without him.


Why is Navid still on this show?


I just figured out why this last couple of eps where better, NO NAVID! There is a recept U should follow! AND NOW AGAIN THAT BORING FACE WITH THAT DEPRESSING MIMIC! Leave him at Princeton and do us a favor! Hopefully V screws Liam over and takes him the Bar! So she can stay and I can hate her character some more time! Every show needs a character U can hate, everybody playing nice doesn't work as GG proves!


No. Not Navid! The show is better off without him!

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