Being Human Review: Never Can Say Goodbye

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It was a night full of hellos and goodbyes on Being Human. Nora returned and Aidan decided to run with Suren. Sally learned she didn't have to fear the reaper in "Don't Fear the Scott" and, in general, things fell apart. Check out the Being Human quotes for some of the fun stuff and some of the sad things that were said.

I loved that Sally was watching Paranormal Witness on TV. What else would a ghost watch, right? And, damn, I was glad Scott was hanging around. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, he was giving Sally some decent advice. But not as strong as that she got when Nora came back, trying to atone for her own sins. Josh was so torn between the two women from his past that he couldn't see she was doing good by helping Sally and basically slammed the door in her face.

Julia was right, however. When you've already been together and get a second chance, you don't dip your toes into the water, you dive in headfirst. Josh was treating the whole Julia thing with kid gloves, and it was giving her pause. We know he's a werewolf, how long before she would figure it out? Or before he would scratch and turn her like he did Nora? While Nora clearly chose Josh, he chose Julia. I'm not sure how long that will last because he seems more like a lovesick schoolboy than a grown man at the moment.

Sally on Being Human

I guess I should have known that any exploration of Suren as someone other than an uber bitch would mean there were dire consequences lying ahead. She and Aidan finally talked about who they were in the past and where their relationship could go. She seemed, dare I say, normal. I was starting to buy that there could be a love buried in there somewhere.

Oh, how stupid was I? Mother, vengeful mother, punished Suren for the eight centuries of disappointment by forcing her to stay in Boston and set Aidan free as he requested. But her idea of freedom was to demand that every other of their kind act as if he didn't exist, or be sentenced to death. Essentially, he was banished from the vampire community. It's been a while since I mentioned how I disliked the vampire politics crap, but nothing that happened to Aidan endeared me to their ways.

Continuing the childlike nature of the characters, when Aidan and Suren decided to leave Boston to see the world together, it took her one night to start whining that she was hungry. No, hospital blood the next day wouldn't be good enough, and Aidan had to go hunting for live food immediately. Instead he was the hunted. Just as the Bishop in Aidan's mind said weeks ago, the son always kills the father. Henry had betrayed Aidan and brought along a posse to put an end to him. What a bloody shame. He was a hot little thing, and since he turned on Aidan that means he won't be alive for long.

When they were showing the montage of memories of Josh, Sally and Aidan, a part of me panicked that maybe Sam Witwer was really leaving the show. I don't see that happening any time soon, in spite of the weird goings on over on the UK version. We've barely scratched the surface of story for these roommates, and season two has been exceptionally strong. I think the cast will remain in tact for at least another season. Or shall I say, the cast better remain in tact for at least another season. Just want that out there.

Where do you think the fates of Henry, Suren, Julia and Nora will be next week? I fear at least one of the four will die, and perhaps one other will leave the show. Any ideas who they might be?


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Shouldn't Mother's live have been, "eight decades of disappointment?" I mean unless her relationship with Suren was already rocky before the hotel massacre...


Hi Kate, You might want to preface some of your posts with a UK SPOILER warning. Personally, I'm up to date on the UK series (and I enjoy discussing parallels), but I assume some here are not. It would be a shame to ruin that experience for new fans.


Given that we all know he'd be back Aiden's farewell scene was a bit much. The Music, slow-mo flashbacks? Huh? It wasn't even the end of the episode, and then we saw him in the next scene! Iconic tv characters who leave after 10 seasons normally don't get such a send off. You'd think Aiden would have considered something as basic as nourishment before leaving. Why would he be able to simply walk into a local hospital and stock up on blood? Didn't he get a job in a hospital for that reason? As much as I hope they kill of Suren, I fear they have too much invested in Aiden's back story with her and Henry. The actions of Mother didn't make much sense to me. Wasn't Aiden largely responsible for Suren's success in governing Boston? Why not tell him he's free to leave; however, if he wants Suren he has to stick with Mama's Family and help Suren govern? Obviously he's not going to just walk away and not cause any trouble. Unless Mama has some broader diabolical plan it seems a bit silly. Question: is the UK concept of "Old Ones" standard vampire lore? Does it exist in this universe? On the UK show Old One vampires are immune to crosses, don't have to be invited in, etc. I'm curious because Suren is 800 years old, so she would - I think - be in this category. I am glad the US didn't adopt the silly UK idea of werewolf blood essentially melting vampires.


I loved this episode! I think that the dinner scene was one of the best scenes in this season of Being Human. :) It made Suren's character seem likeable and gave more depth between the vampy relationship. But I agree with Victoria 'cause I really wish his matches would be an equal match. They're from two different worlds, she's been spoon-fed and indulged (probably the reason she wanted blood immediately) for hundreds of years. She's probably never had to go hungry except for the 80 years she was in the ground. And though they might love each other, he's been there to coddle her, clean up her messes, and she does nothing for his humanity or for the future he wants to build. I hope we see something nice in season 3. Julia and Josh have awesome chemistry and I'm kind of over Nora. I just want her to be a device for Josh to confront some things about his wolfiness. And as for Sally I was super excited about her Reaper status when I thought it might be a job that she could be awesome at and something that could make her feel useful. It kind of sucks because I want her to find some more meaning this season. If someone does get killed, I hope they write it to redeem someone or impact a character to change the storyline for the better.


@Sam - Yes, Mother said Aidan's last name was indeed "Waite." Guessed the spelling would be like Ralph Waite's (the dad in the THE WALTONS tv show).


Cindylou, I have almost no doubt that Josh and Nora will be back together before the end of this season because as much as Josh wants to deny it, there is a bit of a wolf mentality that has become a part of him and his wolf recognizes Nora's as his mate. George and Nina didn't really acknowledge this either, though Nina started acting more territorial and protective of her clan and George didn't really acknowledge a alpha/young alpha issue that was between him and Tom. But others did (like one of the sweetest scenes was during Nina's first change after discovering she was pregnant and they were stuck together and terrified that they would hurt each other, Annie stayed to watch over them and related that Nina's wolf went into the corner and George paced in front of her, obviously protecting her).


Before my theories, one question, didn't we all think that Josh as wolf already killed Ray? Anyway, let me preface that I watch the other version too...I theorize...this killing the sire thing in analogous to the religious/science group who convinced Nina they had a cure only it is to avoid Aiden taking Mitchell's path right now and making Sally's journey a little clearer than Annie's was at this point. Like, Aiden is going to still have to do something he doesn't want to save Josh and Nora and probably Sally, but it isn't going to be based in betrayal like with Mitchell which led him to the Box Tunnel Massacre to the Wolf Shaped Bullet to the assisted suicide. I wouldn't be surprised if a plan like that later exists, but they would want to solidify a Josh, Nora and Sally base that might be able to stand up to what Aiden left behind. I think they are being cautious because they don't know if the cast will feel the same. I think Julia is just the role of the teacher from the British series only instead of the kid seeing George start to change when he forgot about a time change, she will see him during the eclipse and actually not be able to deal.


also, what's with aidan and weak women? there was what's-her-name last season and now suren, who within an hour of the great escape is whining and saying she overestimated her resolve. he needs a tough chick, human or vampire, who can help him stay "clean" and be there for him when he's weak.


i'm glad josh chose julia. i love nora but i think josh and julia just mesh better. can't we keep nora around to be sally's friend? does she have to be josh's girlfriend?


Did Mother say Aidan's last name in this episode? At the part where she's announcing the conditions of Aidan's freedom, she says what sounds like, "No one of this world is to have anything to do with Aidan Wait." I considered the possibility of "wait" being the beginning of the next sentence or her interrupting herself, but it doesn't really sound like it. Wish my closed captioning was working.

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