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The NYPD's "No Questions Asked" Gun Buy Back program certainly left us with lots of questions on Blue Bloods this week. Do you bend the rules to follow the law? Maybe.

The good samaritan who fought for the weapon in the pharmacy robbery was an idiot. Was he planning on battling all three armed men? What was he thinking? He got lucky the bad guy pulled the ski mask back on quickly. I think the mean one would have shot everyone in the place if he thought they could have recognized one of them.

Frank in Office

I liked that they briefly discussed the pros and cons of the program. Apparently they get so many old guns they quipped that it's like an episode of the Antique Road Show. Of course, some of those guns have been used in crimes, like the Colt 45 in question.

I understood why Officer Perez took that picture. As a cop, her first instinct was to catch bad guys and she thought she had one in front of her. That's a hard instinct to fight. I was even more impressed with the sneaky way she took the photo and then moved it to her trash when Reverend Potter confronted her. The girl was fast.

Frank's punishment fit the crime. She broke the rules and the consequences could have derailed the entire program. But her actions didn't make her a bad cop. In essence, she did the wrong thing for the right reasons.

Again, Garret was a stand out. His banter with Frank and Reverend Potter was spot on. He managed to not back down and get his point across with enough humor to keep things interesting. He's quickly become one of my favorite characters.

Nicky's side story was interesting and more than a little sad. That a teenage girl would embarrass herself for a little bit of attention wasn't nearly as surprising as I wish it had been. It's a strange world.

When Nicky lamented her failure to stand up for her friend, Jamie reminded her of what her grandfather would say about that in one our Blue Bloods quotes

It's what you do next that counts. | permalink

And even though Frank wasn't the one to say it, he certainly followed the advice as he dealt with the Officer Perez situation. Specifically how he handled the mayor and Reverend Potter with honesty and just enough manipulation to keep them out of a tricky situation. He gave them the option of more information but let them see that knowing more could only hurt them. Very smart.

Frank and Danny's conversation about what kind of cop they've been was enlightening, as Frank attributed their success more to luck than skill. He's worried Danny's luck will run out.

The Reagan family dinner was much too short. It made me miss Danny and Erin's bickering from the last episode but I suppose you can't fit everything into an hour. I'll just have to hope for more next week.


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I really like this show, I don't miss it at all. I love how they fight and love as a family. I also like Jackie, Garrett and Baker.
I felt sorry for Nikki trying to help and yet understand her friend. I am glad they are showing more of her. Jamie was a true uncle, in helping Nikki.


This show continues to develop its cast of interesting characters. The only problem is that so many of them are complex and worthy of additional screen time. I applaud the writers for bringing Nicky's character along so well--she is a very interesting young woman. Blue Bloods is one of the finest shows on network television.

Sarah silva

I really like this show! This was more centered around Frank even though we had alot of Danny as usual. I truly like Donnie Whalberg but I still want to see more Jamie storylines as they wrapped up the mafia story super quickly a couple episodes back. I did like Jamie helping out Nikki, their scene together at school was very sweet. I always like the dinner scenes even though we get them very briefly it is always fun to watch. I also liked Donnie telling Frank that he drinks with Erin to unwind, drinks with Jamie to give advice and drinks with him to lecture him, there was just something about that, that I liked...not sure why.


I very much liked this episode. Nicky's dilemma with her friend, not standing by her at first and then finding out that her friend sent the picture herself to get attention was very well played. I agree with the reviewer it was also very sad that someone was so starved for attention that they had to do something like that. Nicky not telling her that she knew showed how mature for someone her age is, although we have seen the terrible teens at times from her in other episodes. I know that its good that they have these gun programs, but it just seems to me that there is always one to replace it out on the streets. I'm just not sure if it really helps. I liked how they showed Danny trying not to use the picture the officer took. Like the reviewer said, it would be hard for an officer who knew that the gun was used in a shooting to just ignore it. I truly enjoy this show.


This is an excellent episode for me! I love how Jackie and Danny struggles against using the picture. (Jackie needs more lines! So does Garrett!). And though Nicky's side story is predictable, I still love how Nicky handles it. And as annoyed Frank with the Reverand, I actually like him this episode mostly because his banter with Garrett.
Blue Bloods is different from any other cop shows out there. I guess it's the family thingy. Though I hope they don't have so much breaks in a month.


Again, another very well-written script, with terrific acting by all. I agree with the writer - Garrett is a standout and I, too, am beginning to like him more and more with each episode. Frank is my favorite, of course, but the rest of the cast is excellent, and Nicky is a delight. Love this show as you can watch it with your family, and yet be wrapped up in its subtle lessons of humanity. Yes, love the family dinners commencing with grace; nice touch.

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