Body of Proof Review: A Tragic Misunderstanding

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A case of mistaken "Identity" left two families shattered and the medical examiner's office scrambling for answers.

Body of Proof delivered a devastating twist as two best friends were misidentified at the scene of an accident. The shocking truth led one family to wake from a living nightmare as they found out that the body in the morgue was not their child and sent another family through the torment they thought they'd been lucky enough to avoid.

All Shaken Up

As much as I didn't like Susie, I didn't pick her as the killer. I was even more surprised that she came after Megan with that syringe. Considering Susie was a big girl and Megan's about 100 punds soaking wet, she was lucky Bud, Peter and Samantha showed up when they did. As feisty as Megan can be, I'm not sure she could have fought Susie off much longer.

That Curtis wouldn't let Megan take the fall for the identity switch wasn't a surprise at all. The big guy's got integrity to spare. As much as I liked him as chief, he was more fun in the lab and I look forward to seeing more of his sense of humor.

Why was Ethan acting like an idiot for most of the episode? Was he really learning Spanish to impress Dani... who doesn't even speak Spanish? I've always found Ethan to be likable and quirky but this time he was nothing but annoying and frequently made me cringe.

And speaking of Dani, I wasn't sure how to read her character as she gave Peter the where are we heading speech. Did she have serious feelings for him or did she just not want to sign a new lease? Either way, I simply don't see this couple lasting long term.

Lacy's story was the shocker of the night. I thought something might be up when she hit the wall with the hammer but I didn't think it was diabetes. 

I really liked this twist all the more as I watched Megan reel with the news. She's a brilliant doctor. Heck, she even diagnosed Bud's wife just from snippets Bud told her at work, yet she missed the fact that her daughter was a diabetic. 

Sometimes it's hard to see what's right in front of you and no one wants to believe their own child is ill, but I think the guilt of missing this diagnosis will eat away at Megan for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing where they take this story.

Are you happy Curtis is back in the lab and Kate is back in control?  Do you like that Megan's new love interest, Aiden seems to be sticking around?  And what did you think of Lacy's diagnosis on this week's Body of Proof?


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I really like this show, but I think it got a little preachy this past episode with the diabetes and all. I read online that the show will prob. be cancelled, which I believe would be a mistake. Also, while I hate the Denni character, I don't want her to be killed off, as the coming attractions for the next episode make you think. Just fix her up with that new doctor and get her off the show nicely!


I'm always taken more than a little aback when they have characters (Dani and Peter) confront each other with big personal questions right in the middle of a work day. Note to writers - don't write Ethan as an idiot. And good point someone here on the heels - I'm still wondering about M.E.'s performing autopsies with hair falling over their shoulders - it should be under a cap.
So with both extravagant heels and hair falling onto the Body, there have to be real M.E.'s out there either snorting in disgust or howling with laughter.


Is it "for real" that Lacey (in real life) has Diabetes or was that just part of the story? We love BODY OF PTOOF and have not missed an single episode. We look forward to Tuesday night at 10 PM.


I watch this show all the time. I remember Dana Delaney from DH and think she's very attractive but I really think the heels should go. Any ME would be dying in those all day. It's not comfortable or practical and I'll bet the lead doesn't like them either. Just my thoughts.


No, I mean who actually drew it. I would like to get a copy for myself.


In the show Lacey drew the picture.


Who did the horse and jockey drawing that ended up covering the hole in the wall?


I was pretty confused by mystery, one girl worked in the lab and another girl loved/hated her best friend, was that it? What did Megan find in the memory box that she was looking at in the hospital? And who was the guy in the shirt from the photo lab and was he involved or just a red herring? I actually wondered if they wrote this episode and then had to sacrifice a bunch of it to add in the diabetes story.


I too would like to see Healthe Commissioner Travis get her commupance. Seems to me this next 2 part episode with a virus epidemic overtaking the city would fall under the Health Commissioners responsibility. Perfect opportunity for someone to play politics on her and boot her out. As for the nurse being mean to Megan. I didnt really like that scene. Megan was a distraught parent. A nurse should understand. She could have told her to calm down without being so rude, but then it is TV.


Really enjoyed the show last year, but it's becomming too much like desperate housewives of (insert name). Don't like Dani, don't like Aiden (this isn't Cougar Town, is it?). Don't like getting into so deep into their personal lives - stick to solving crimes by the ME.

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