Body of Proof Review: A Tragic Misunderstanding

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A case of mistaken "Identity" left two families shattered and the medical examiner's office scrambling for answers.

Body of Proof delivered a devastating twist as two best friends were misidentified at the scene of an accident. The shocking truth led one family to wake from a living nightmare as they found out that the body in the morgue was not their child and sent another family through the torment they thought they'd been lucky enough to avoid.

All Shaken Up

As much as I didn't like Susie, I didn't pick her as the killer. I was even more surprised that she came after Megan with that syringe. Considering Susie was a big girl and Megan's about 100 punds soaking wet, she was lucky Bud, Peter and Samantha showed up when they did. As feisty as Megan can be, I'm not sure she could have fought Susie off much longer.

That Curtis wouldn't let Megan take the fall for the identity switch wasn't a surprise at all. The big guy's got integrity to spare. As much as I liked him as chief, he was more fun in the lab and I look forward to seeing more of his sense of humor.

Why was Ethan acting like an idiot for most of the episode? Was he really learning Spanish to impress Dani... who doesn't even speak Spanish? I've always found Ethan to be likable and quirky but this time he was nothing but annoying and frequently made me cringe.

And speaking of Dani, I wasn't sure how to read her character as she gave Peter the where are we heading speech. Did she have serious feelings for him or did she just not want to sign a new lease? Either way, I simply don't see this couple lasting long term.

Lacy's story was the shocker of the night. I thought something might be up when she hit the wall with the hammer but I didn't think it was diabetes. 

I really liked this twist all the more as I watched Megan reel with the news. She's a brilliant doctor. Heck, she even diagnosed Bud's wife just from snippets Bud told her at work, yet she missed the fact that her daughter was a diabetic. 

Sometimes it's hard to see what's right in front of you and no one wants to believe their own child is ill, but I think the guilt of missing this diagnosis will eat away at Megan for a while. I'm looking forward to seeing where they take this story.

Are you happy Curtis is back in the lab and Kate is back in control?  Do you like that Megan's new love interest, Aiden seems to be sticking around?  And what did you think of Lacy's diagnosis on this week's Body of Proof?


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Wouldn't it be interesting to see A CROSSOVER STORY WITH "BODY OF PROOF"
AND "GREY'S ANATOMY"? Here's another idea. Now that she's not working the crime lab anymore,who would like to see
MARG HELGENBERGER hook up with Dana De(her old "CHINA BEACH" costar)
for a few episodes? Let me hear some feedback on this ASAP.


I was also blown away by the Lacey and type 1 diabetes storyline, but I am really glad that they did it, because my older brother was diagnosed with Juvenile diabetes when he was 10, and he stopped taking care of himself when he was 20, and he died of the complications of diabetes 10 years later, after losing his feet, becoming blind, etc. So though I think that Megan shouldn't have told Lacey that losing limbs and eyesight are "myths" or Old Wives Tales (trust me, they aren't) I am glad they are bringing some publicity to this dreadful disease that kills a lot of people and makes the lives of many young people fairly complicated.


My son and I LOVE Body of Proof and watch it together, which is pretty rare for a 12 year old and his old mom, who is 51.
I actually watch for Megan (Dana Delany) and Jeri Ryan, because I love their characters so much, and my son is a big fan of Curtis and Ethan.
I have to say that I really like the relationship between Aiden and Megan, because Megan hasn't had much luck in the love dept for a long time, while her ex husband has been jumping on every woman with a pulse for awhile now. And when older men go out with women half their age, no one says a word, but when a strong women has a younger lover, people get all freaked out, which is hypocritical. Aiden seems like a very mature young man, probably around 30, and he's hot as a pistol and has a gorgeous accent to go with those lucious abs, so I think Megan should go for it and have a good time with him!


They were smart enough to get rid of Lori on H-5-0, now it's time to lose Dani! She really never fit!! Ethan can let our darling Curtis find him a babe all his own!! Like the Lacey story line, Let's follow it!! Another good show!


as usual loved the show . It never disappoints the show would not be as good without megan


This weeks case was entertaining, but the way they handled the diabetes was terrific. Well done. I felt Curtis refusing to let Megan take the fall was right in character for him. I like curtis, but I'll like him better where he was before. I am liking the idea of Kate being back in charge, but the lady that shows up and messes with things needs to have some sort of commupance. The Aiden/Hunt affair just turns me completely off and rudely barged it's distasteful existance into what should be prime good story time. I can't help seeing Megan as the old fool in this one, and I like the character too much to enjoy her being the old fool.


I actually enjoyed this episode more than last few. Hunt was shown to be human, the cops were able to do investigating on their own, other members of the team were able to come up with facts that helped to end the mystery. Overall, a much more balanced show between the cast.
I agree, Aiden is young, but don't have an issue with that very much.
Dani - all of her scenes seemed strange this time around. Agree, it looks like she doesn't have much time left on the show based on the preview for next week.


Megan is not very likeable at times with her holier than thou attitude. I cheered when the nurse told her off and to "sit her ass down"!!!


Sadly, from what I saw in next week preview, look like Dani will die...


i said it before and will say it again, i like the show BUT Aiden is WAY TOO YOUNG!!!! they have min 15 years of difference on them and it looks like child molestation. one night stand for fun is one thing but a relationship with a guy who looks like your son? i am sorry but that is sick, the guy has some serious mental trauma to explain his attraction to women that much older than he is, what will happen when she will be 60? EEWWW the actress is already 56 and is beginning to look it.

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