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Oh, Dani. Just when I'd begun to like you, you're gone. It's been two weeks since the last Body of Proof  and "Going Viral Part I" came roaring back with a vengeance.

After seeing the previews I knew that Dani would be one of those to fall ill and I figured she had a 50/50 chance of surviving. What I didn't see coming was her getting slammed by an SUV in the first five minutes and dying in Peter's arms. I literally flinched when the vehicle hit her.

Luke Perry on Body of Proof

Peter spent most of the episode coming to realize how little he knew about his girlfriend. We all have things we hold back in relationships. Unfortunately, Peter always seemed to want something more casual and, although Dani may have started off that way, her feelings were growing more serious as the weeks past.

Peter was obviously suffering from shock and grief mixed with some guilt over knowing so little about the woman he was sleeping with.

All of this took place while an outbreak was spreading through the city.  As Bud said in one of the Body of Proof quotes:

Remind me to never investigate a plague again. | permalink

No kidding. Between the decontamination showers, the cozy gray jammies and the airtight biohazard suits, the whole thing ranged from uncomfortable to downright scary.

I couldn't understand Megan's annoyance at Kate having called in the CDC. When that many bodies pile up from an illness, I'd think the CDC would be high on the list of phone calls.

I didn't mind CDC Officer Charlie Stafford - played by Luke Perry - but I don't know that he added enough to the story besides someone for Megan to play off of. And the FBI came across as amateurish when they wanted fast answers over accurate ones.

As much as Ethan looked like a dork in that taped up contamination suit, I couldn't blame him. When you're watching people suffer and die while bleeding from their eyes and mouth, I'd be reaching for some extra tape too.

As Bud sent his wife to her sister's, Megan was on the phone with Lacy. I was happy to see that Lacy's diabetes will be an ongoing part of the story, as Megan asked her how much insulin she had on hand if she were unable to get home. I do hope we get to see that storyline played out in greater detail in the future.

As the hour ended it became obvious that Kate's needle stick would come back to haunt her. Now we have a set up for an impressive conclusion to our two-parter. With one of their own already dead, another with her life hanging in the balance and a madman spreading his contaminated blood throughout the city, the clock is ticking. Who will live and who will die on next week's Body of Proof?


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I will NOT be watching if Peter has been "killed off", which I have just read on some of the pages brought up by Bing. He gave the show a lot more believability, personality, humanity & likeability. I am surprised that ABC would even try to bring this back without him as he was central to it all - he made most every episode work & seem real. In many ways Peter was the "heart & soul" of the show. Making the program "slicker" with these 2 new "pretty-boy" detectives will most likely doom the whole effort. I have watches this from the very beginning & have not missed an episode, but guess since Peter did really exit, so will I.


Want to know what it going on. ABC takes off this show and puts on Private Practice. What happened to Peter? When is it coming back. don't leave us hanging. Probably going off as I saw the person who plays Peter on a preview of a show on USA called Unnessary Roughness. If you are killed him off so he can do this other show shame on you for letting him go. If you killed him off to end the show period, shame on you. BRING IT BACK!!!!


My comment is to Janet: You must be quite young to like Dani's character. The writers obviously had a lapse in judgment by introducing someone that was so incompatible with the rest of the cast. She was unrealistic and annoying. Peter mopes around because she's gone, but they were rarely shown together, so I didn't find it very heart-tugging. Her mother would have been a much better match for him.


i was very disappointed to hear profanity in last nights episode. its offensive to many people and not necessary. keep the show free of bad language so we don't have to change channels. it's one of my favorite shows. thank you, linda jones


I cant believe they kicked off Dani !! shes more exciting than Megan Hunt Ms. hunt doesnt have any life in her. She hangs up on her daughter right when her daughter needs her, EVERY time her daughter needs her shes not there. Shes horrible at relationships and shes arrogant.Shes a loser. I only like the stories.The story writers are exceptional. I'm afraid without Dani the characters wont be exciting again.


I turned the show off as soon as it became obvious Kate wasn't reporting her stick. I can suspend disbelief for a lot of things, but medical personnel of her caliber/experience level not reporting a stick and then taking action? Nope. It was poor writing and poor characterization, and it snapped me right out of the episode. I switched it off in disgust and didn't go back to finish it. (Hey, writers' room! You can do better than that. You usually do. But this was just sad.)


I just keep hoping they will renew BOP. I am concerned as I have been a faithful watcher and look forward to next season Thought the second part of Outbreak , tonight, was better than last week...please keep it going, ABC


I do keep wondering about the idiocy that seems to pop up whenever rival agencies interact on TV shows. Big epidemic like plague - whatever is the CDC doing here? Actual internet terrorist threat - whose bright idea was it to call in the FBI? As if these are just annoying guys from that other bar down the street. It always feels to me as if it's just there to ramp up conflict - usually unnecessary conflict. And just ends up making the characters themselves look too dumb to live.


very unbelievable that a pathologist like Kate wouldn't even know to take a PEP course after a needle accident.


What a great episode! I couldn't shake the feeling that this would be a great setup for a medical series spinoff for Luke Perry's character, which might be interesting. These producers do ofbeat very well (I regularly watch BOP! and I don't watch CSI).
I think this was so well done; the subplots of Peter learning so much about Dani, the calls to their loved ones, and the tension between Peter and Ethan, were all very subtle, but added so much, they really made the show.
By the way, as irresponsible as it may have been for Kate to conceal her needle stick, people do things like that in real life, so I'm not hating on that any more than the fact Megan wouldn't lie to her daughter that she was going to be okay, a lie the girl was downright begging to hear.
And as inappropriate as it may be while discussing such a serious plot, I have to add: Nicholas Bishop is totally yummy!

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