Camilla Luddington to Counsel Sookie on True Blood

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Camilla Luddington has landed a key role on season five of True Blood.

The actress - who has recurred on Californication and also played Kate Middleton in the Lifetime film William and Kate - will come on board the drama as a fairy named Claudette, according to Deadline.

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As revealed in numerous True Blood spoilers, season five of the HBO hit will feature a number of fairies, with Luddington cast as one of Claude’s (Giles Matthey) many siblings. Look for her to counsel Sookie on just what it means to actually be this kind of creature.


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I was wondering if they were going to ignore this part of the story. They very briefly touched on it last season. You would think with the big to do they made of her fairy ancestry in the season 4 premier, it would have been a little more fleshed out as the season went on...


More fairies to be killed! Hell yeah!


Ewuck. More fairies. -.-

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