CBS Announces "Large Scale" Renewal for 2012-2013 Season

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CBS announced such a "large scale" renewal today - in the words of President Nina Tassler - that it's almost easier to list the shows that did NOT receive a pick-up by the network.

They include such long-running dramas as CSI: NY and CSI: Miami, although no word at the moment does not necessarily mean no renewal.

Now, on to the shows that really do have a reason to celebrate, including three that received the good new a few weeks ago...

Gibbs Pic
Close Up of Frank
Awaiting a Verdict

2 Broke Girls
The Big Bang Theory
How I Met Your Mother
Mike & Molly

Blue Bloods
Criminal Minds
The Good Wife
Hawaii Five-0
The Mentalist
NCIS: Los Angeles
Person of Interest

48 Hours Mystery
60 Minutes
The Amazing Race
Undercover Boss

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Please - Please don't cancel CSI NY and CSI Miami, I love these shows. And I agree, I'd rather see Survivor, Undercover Boss and Amazing Race booted off the air. Keep these shows...........PLEASE!!!!!


Really like "The Gifted Man" and would hope it returns to CBS. Really like it and all the characters are well portrayed. Please!!!


Please bring back A Gifted Man.


Love the Gifted Man, it's my favorite new show, please renew it and Unforgettable. Thank you for NCIS, Hawaii 50 and CSI.


With an average of almost 9 million viewers and little viewing time no promotion for the show,the gifted man had been increasingly viewed as each new episode was shown.Please reconsider or renew for the 2012 season.I agree we have enough csi's and some need to be removed or even guest star on each others shows.Greys anatomy's storylines are grasping and boring and the actors are bored and tired.Clearly time to put it out to pasture like mash and er on a good note.


I would love to see The Gifted Man be renewed. Patrick Wilson is wonderful and it is my favorite show.


Keep CSI New York!


Please do not cancel A Gifted man, unforgettable and csi ny. It's hard to have trust in any network to start watching ant shows! I will say at least it appears cable channels are a little more Loyal to new shows and their audience!


you need to keep CSI - NY it's so much better then CSI-Miami.. which needs to go.. squeaky voice Calleigh and only snap my one side Caruso have got to go.. Also need to keep Unforgettable - it's a great show - just hitting it's stride. These shows get yanked way too early... and how did 2 Broke Girls get renewed - there's no acting here...


Please, Please bring back Gifted Man AND Unforgetable!!
They really are great shows and I've seen many viewers also asking for
these shows to be renewed!
Thank you for your consideration!