Chloe Bridges Cast on The Carrie Diaries

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The Carrie Diaries has tracked down a nemesis for Carrie Bradshaw.

As first reported by Deadline, Chloe Bridges - who appeared in episodes of 90210 and Suburgatory last year - has been cast on The CW drama as Donna Ladonna, a popular girl at Carrie's high school who clashes with the iconic character made famous on HBO by Sarah Jessica Parker.

She'll be played here by relative newcomer AnnaSophia Robb, as The Carrie Diaries tracks Bradshaw's life through high school in 1980's New York City.

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Blegh I don't want this show to get picked up. They will cancel HoD for this! Damn!


The critics on this show will be very hard whatever cast there is! I think it's a semi-good choice with this young cast!
It is refreshing, and U go into the show without any prejudice. Like GG,VD or The SC or Grey's were a lot of not so famous actors got a chance to shine! But SJ Parker was pretty un-famous and she twisted the Tv world really hard.
But to step into the shoes of CB will be very hard and an actress with some credibility and attitude. And we must realize it won't be the naughty and sexy SatC, it will be pretty innocent and so sweet to get to know a naive and confused Carrie, and without Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha at the begging.


I apologize for my constant criticism and I know that young actors needs to start somewhere to make a name, but what's with casting actresses I (and assuming other people too) have never heard of for a show that has seemed doomed from the start?

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