Danai Gurira Cast as Michonne on The Walking Dead Season 3

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With fans still buzzing over The Walking Dead season two finale, AMC has come out and made a major season three announcement:

Danai Gurira has been cast as Michonne, the mysterious sword-bearing woman from Robert Kirkman’s beloved comic book series who first showed up on last night's episode, saving Andrea's life.

Danai Gurira as Michonne

"We will be dealing with her personality and her back story and all that kind of stuff in Season 3, but this isn't going to be a watered-down Michonne," Kirkman tells TV Guide. "This is definitely going to be the character that people have been clamoring to see in the show and we are very excited to deliver that character."

Gurira is best known for roles in Treme, The Visitor, Lie to Me and Law & Order

Earlier this year, AMC also announced the casting of David Morrissey as The Governor on season three of its smash series.

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David from Melbourne Australia here, to all concerned, thank you for such a great series i dont watch a lot of t.v but love this show and find myself looking forward to every episode, its going to be an agonising wait for the start of series 3, thank you again. David


when does season 3 start


wow, is all that i can say after watching both season 1 & 2
what great writing makes this all come alive and what great acting , its got me nailed to my seat and ive seen alot of zombie-like films in my day but this is something else, this is top notch zombi-ism the best i have ever seen without a doubt hats off and a dep bow tho who ever is responsible fot it and i cant wait for season 3 !!!!!!!!!
i am from the netherlands by the way


at monica, season 2 was in 2 parts, so season 3 is in fact season 3 not season 4


I would like to know why "Season 4" is being called "Season 3"???? My husband and I watched what we thought was Season 1, but was later told that, that was Season 2 and there is a season before that one. We found the actual Season 1, which answered a lot of questions that we had in season 2. Which raises the questions of what happen to the black guy and his son that found Rick after he awoke from his comma and got out the hospital? also, where in the heck is Merrill (Darryl's brother) because he never died (that we know of)?? And does anyone know when Season 4 starts??


We just started iwnchatg the show several hours before the Season 2 premiere. It was on Netflix streaming, and we finished all of the 1st season episodes one minute before Season 2 started. Talk about great timing. It's a great show, too!Cheers,Tracy


I love this serial.. there is no zombie movie better than this one... i'm dying to wait until October... please dont make us wait that long...


I was just thinking the exact thing as Jarrod said!


I am SO hooked on this show. I have watched every episode at least twice from both seasons. I am DYING to know I have to wait till what next October for season 3?! AGHH it's gonna be a long 7 months :( To comment on something thought I don't think they should have gone with that "the disease is in all of them" that's kinda dumb. So what in the end everyone will turn anyways? That is the only thing I don't like about the show. This third season is gonna be crazy I bet. And OMG that prison?! I am wondering if there are surviors in there or all walkers?!! Since everyone carries the disease who the hell knows. People are turning know without even being bit or scratched by a walker. OMG I cannot wait for season 3!!!!!


What you mean Jarrod Mitchell is
1. you want to let everyone know you read the comics (wow! you're cool!)
2. you want to spoil it for everyone who doesn't Is that your life putting up spoilers on tv websites? You might wish to reevaluate your existence.