Five Grey's Anatomy Clips From "One Step Too Far"

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Grey's Anatomy returns next Thursday, March 15.

In "One Step Too Far," Derek encourages a hesitant Meredith to work with him again in neurology, while Jackson's mom, Catherine Avery (Debbie Allen), returns to Seattle Grace with a urology fellow.

She develops an interest in Richard, predictably, and Cristina, in the midst of an emotional case, becomes increasingly suspicious of Owen's every move. Do you think he's hiding something, or is she paranoid?

Finally, Alex tries to deny the fact that Morgan may be falling for him, which Callie tries to speak with him about. That conversation goes about as well as you'd probably imagine it would.

Take a look five clips from the episode below ...

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@CanuckNurse ??? There is no ass or victim in that whole storyline. Both, Cristina AND Owen decided to be together although they both knew that they wanted different things from life! It was obvious that he wanted to have kids. And he did tell her. Maybe not in those exact words, but he did tell her and she knew (she's not blind). Again you can just fill in the blanks here: SHE knew what HE was like. Or should have. They both thought they could make it work with love alone. They both ignored the wishes and dreams of the other. If you really need to blame someone her: blame both. Why is Cristina's dream of a successful career more ok/important than Owen's dream of being a father?


@metumble, that's a horrible argument. Cristina is who she is. Owen knew she didn't want kids. She told him so outright. He never said "I want us to have kids". Not once. When he proposed, he KNEW she didn't want kids. He was just an ass who thought she'd change her mind. They even had a fight while dating where she told him point blank that she would never again change herself for a man. He knew what she was like. Or should have. Its all on him. He's the one who's changed something here, not her. He's the ass. She's the victim.


@cait: you can also say:
Owen has always made it very clear that he wants children! Cristina needs to choose Owen or a different relationship plain and simple. :-D guess it's not really that plain and simple? Owen sat there holding her hand because Meredith basically told him, that not having the abortion would kill Cris. He never said, that he was ok with it, he just wanted to be there for her although it ripped his heart out. He did not support her decision, he just didn't want her to suffer ... and, because he is Owen, he thought that he could take the suffering instead. He tried long enough to do so but, eventually, it broke him.


Christina has always made it very clear she didn't want children! Owen needs to choose Christina or a different relationship plain and simple. Christina has always been hard core about here career and being the best in cardio. Owen should have never sat there holding her hand if he didn't agree and thereby supporting her under false pretences.
Morgan is good for Alex. He does deserve happiness after everything he's been through! and weber so better not cheat on his wife a second time. Do vows mean anything anymore? "in sickness and in health!" Come on people!


@Char agreed. i think we've been here before. a lot.


I want Alex to be happy with Morgan. He could be a fatherfigure for the little baby. It would do him good. He'll get something to fight for in a relationship.
Just make Alex happy, he deserves it so bad! And just end things between Owen en Christina. I never really liked them and Owen is just annoying. Can't he just go back to Iraq? Bring Teddy with him and make Burke the Chief.


I don't see the problem with Alex dating Morgan. He's still a resident. It's not like he's taking advantage or anything.


I really hope Owen just gets the courage to walk away Cristina has no compassion no matter what those C/O loving freaks think she has no soul at all I hope Owen comes to his senses and just walk away and I hope that nurse slaps the crap out of her as well thats what you get for killing a human being you loose your husband and you end up all alone


This episode looks thoroughly boring.


"big dumb gorilla" :D :D

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