Gossip Girl Caption Contest 200

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Welcome to the 200th Gossip Girl Caption Contest at TV Fanatic. If you're new, this is where our readers submit the best caption(s) for a photo from the CW drama. Ready to see who won this time?

Your Caption Contest winner is Betty Draper. Congratulations and well done!

The winning entry appears below. Honorable mentions go out to TFV168, Amie, cashun and LoverlyLola. Thanks to everyone for playing and best of luck again next week!

Archibald and Bass

Nate: So after Blair, Serena, Catherine, Jenny, Vanessa, Bree, Juliet, Raina, Diana, Ivy and Lola, I finally figured out what my problem with women is.
Chuck: You're gay and in love with me?
Nate: Dear God, NO!
Chuck: You have mommy issues?
Nate: Me and Annie are just fine.
Chuck: Then you're a sex addict.
Nate: That's you Chuck.
Chuck: Then Nathaniel, what is it?
Nate (looking nate-fused): Damn, now I forgot. Hey, wanna get high?

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Nate: I have in my hand the script for the next 3 years, I think we need to get extra high to get through just s3.


Nate: Oh my god, the writers killed dan humphrey's character!
Chuck: You bastards!


Nate: I don't see why Blair would ever have a reason to leave you, that would make Ron Jeremy jealous.


Nate: So chuck, I've slept with everyone else and I don't know if your wearing those pants to give me signals.. But it's working


Nate: So,you saying you had wearing in the dark?
Chuk:Yes, after that blackout, but it`s couture, why are U asking?
Nate:Just for curiousity,it`s Jenny's, right?
Chuk:How did you know?
Nate: Man,she'd not revenge of you already?!


^>Nate: Why so sad Chuck?Chuck: It`s Blair. We broke up.
Nate:Well, you did a cruel comparision with a horse.
Chuck: She`d a even worst, she'd compare me with..
Nate: Who?Yourfather? Jack?
Chuck:No! much worst! WITH A SALAD!!!>


Nate: So this is your plan? Dress like you did in season 1 to make Blair come back to you?
Chuck: you think my plan is bad? then why are you dressed like that as well? No matter what you do you'll never have a main storyline or love interest again, at least my goal is achievable


Chuck: What's that? (nods to paper in Nate's hand)
Nate: This is a letter from the woman I love.
Chuck: Serena?
Nate: Nope.
Chuck: Blair?
Nate: No.
Chuck: Ivy?
Nate: No way!
Chuck: Please tell me you aren't still stuck on Raina, Nathaniel.
Nate: No. Oh for Pete's sake, Chuck! It's Charlie, the real Charlie!
Chuck: Oh. We'd have been here for at least another hour before I ever got to her.
Nate: Why am I friends with you, again?
Chuck: Cause I let you borrow my clothes. You're wearing my sweater-vest and tie right now.
Nate: Oh, yeah. Thanks for that by the way. I look almost as good as you.
Chuck: Almost.


Nate: You should have just stayed in your silky, purple, robe, Chuck. At least then I could have claimed that you are my mentally ill cousin out for some fresh air and sunshine.
Chuck: You do realize that you are wearing a sweater-vest, right, Nathaniel?


Chuck (thinking): I’m too sexy for my hat – too sexy for this park – too sexy for Blair…
Nate: …Have you heard a word I just said?
Chuck: So sexy it hurts… – No. Carry on.

Gossip Girl Quotes

Rita: Luckily, Robin was working with me in New York this week and able to bring along a very special video of Blair.
Tiffany: What is it?
Penelope: A Jack Bass sex tape?
Tiffany: A Nelly Yuki snuff film?

It only takes one video to topple an entire career. If you don't believe me just YouTube Connie Chung piano.