Gossip Girl Chair Tribute Video Contest Finalists: Watch, Vote Now!

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TV Fanatic has narrowed down dozens of submissions for our Gossip Girl Chair video tribute contest to the six finalists below. Now it's time to vote on the half dozen favorites selected by our editors!

Before Dan-Blair 'shippers go insane, a reminder - this Chair contest is due to the huge success of the previous Dair video tribute contest. We've already honored Dair, and you can still watch those videos!

As a second reminder, we considered only videos submitted by registered TV Fanatic users under the contest rules. We realize there are many other awesome videos not featured here. That's the reason.

What's at stake here? The winning video will be featured on our homepage, Twitter, and Facebook, and the more votes are cast, the more likely we are to run contests for more couples and shows.

AND its creator wins a a $50 iTunes gift card! So what are you waiting for? Let's choose a winner! The video with the most votes by Tuesday, March 13 (we extended it one additional day) wins!

So let's get cracking ...

Finalist #1: "Poison and Wine" by bumcrackmosh ...

Finalist #2: "Sometimes Love Isn't Enough" by Livelovelaugh ...

Finalist #3: "The Boy Saw The Comet" by GossipGleek (CB & FR FTW!) ...

Finalist #4: "Three Wishes" by Zenebazh ...

Finalist #5: "When You Love Someone" by kerenush ...

Finalist #6: "Say When" by StephanieG ...

Which Chair tribute video is your favorite?

Poll is now closed! Here are the results:

#1 - Poison and Wine

#2 - Sometimes Love Isn't Enough

#3 - The Boy Saw The Comet

#4 - Three Wishes

#5 - When You Love Someone

#6 - Say When

Total Votes: 1627

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What the....You know what? This is the reason i'm not getting in these threads so often anymore. Even if this was a Rufus&Lily thread it would still turn out to be a Chair vs Dair thread! Of course Dair fans will try to provoke us but there's no effing need to answer back! This is OUR thread for OUR freaking EPIC couple. So instead of getting into pointless fights let's give some credit to the talented users who worked so hard to make these amazing videos!
I hate that i had to choose between all those masterpieces.I loved, loved the fact that the editors weren't afraid to use some of Chair's darkest moments because the fact that C&B were able to overcome them is what gave them their unbeatable dynamic. Let's hope that this beautiful couple's curse will be lifted and they will get the happy ending the deserve (hahaha...guess i'm too into OUAT/with the deference that in GG the EQ is Safran)


it's so obvious these two are meant for each other


Fuck Chair, they are a sick couple


OMG does anyone think that Blair will sneak around with Chuck to help Georgina? Nothing quite brings them together like Georgina. Dan hates Georgina and wouldn't understand why Blair would help her. Eventually he won't like how she keeps secrets and that will come between them?

Dair for ever

@Dr. Holland-heard of proportion?Either you made that point in order to be argumentative,or you have no sense of proportion re. the scenes that Chair shared vs. those that Dair did.If the former is the reason,then go ahead on your own since I don’t want to argue.If the latter,then please go back & count the number of episodes/scenes/instances where Chair have been all loved up & romantic & compare that to the same scenes with Dair & do some basic arithmetic, & then you'll see that I made that remark purely based on quantity of screen time that could potentially impact a compilation video. Dair as a couple is a recent phenomenon.In fact, the writers have added a reciprocal love track only very recently compared to the long time that was devoted to Chair. Of course I don't blame you for thinking otherwise!The magic of Dair is SO potent, their chemistry SO strong that everybody, including a Chair fan like you, feels that they have been together for much longer. Join the club...


If Chair fans were rude on the Dair video thread that's wrong too. It doesn't make Dair fans anymore right for doing it now. Infact, it only makes them look bad and immature. As for those comparing Chris Brown and Chuck, that is completely ridiculous. Punching someone and punching a window isn't the same. After that episode the writers even said Chuck would never purposefully hurt Blair. Can people really not see the difference?

Dair for ever

As for the usual cries of why mention Dair here etc., just fyi - please take a dekko at the Dair videos thread and you will see plenty of verbal histrionics from Chair fans there... Have Chair fans ever heard of the adage "people living in glass houses..."? Sure you're free to abuse me for doing what you do with much more frequency, if it makes you happy! But no I did not mention Dair here because Cair fans mentioned Chair on the Dair thread. I mentioned Dair because Dair is the best couple ever. I mentioned Dair because I wanted to. And could. And did.

Dair for ever

@Mysterious "And I can also argue that she should've know Chuck's limits...etc."...are you for real! I have never made a personal attack on any specific commenter here but must make an exception now - what kind of freaking bloody loser are you you chauvinistic prig! The typical blame the victim scenario! Blair could have pushed a gazillion buttons - it DOES NOT justify ANYONE hurting or trying to hurt her. My goodness are all Chair fans such misogynistic morons!? I do not wish to further dignify your remark with any more attention.


I love how the Ban fans sweep in with their stupid, nasty comments. Haters


How incredibly rude some Dair fans are to come to this thread just to insult Chair and videos people probably worked very hard on? Must be very insecure in their ship!


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