Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "Con Heir"

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Gossip Girl's next episode airs Monday, April 2.

We've seen the promo, but haven't had a title or synopsis to tease you with - until now. In "Con Heir," Chuck invites Jack (Desmond Harrington) to town to thank him for saving his life, but finds the trip doesn’t go as planned.

Blair and Dan attempt to consummate their new relationship, but unexpected roadblocks get in their way.

Meanwhile, Ivy finds a quite unlikely ally in William van der Woodsen (Billy Baldwin) in her quest to be accepted on the Upper East Side, and Nate is hopeful that a new investor will save The Spectator.

Share your comments below. Here's another look at the promo, focused entirely on the Dair component:

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Sounds like the birthday girl deosnt want a fuss so just get people together with food drink and have fun chatting If you want to do something fun for them have it at their favoirte restaurant I did that last year for my little sister's 35th bday and we had fun


Blair & Dan -- R U kidding???????

Dair for ever

@ Serina Jane - SJ - loved all your comments! Had to reeeaaallllyyyy avoid the troll to get to them but they were worth it! Can't wait for this glorious couple to come together in every way...united in love and feeling and emotions and mind and spirit they already are - more than any other couple on this show...now they will be united in the physical sense too; although, since we have already seen the crazzzzzy amount of spark just their kiss generated, I am surprised that the writers are taking the story down this road! Come on, it's clear to all that Dair=SIZZZZZZLING SEX!!! Just look at how frustrated they got the so-called loyal Chair fans who are nothing but Chuck fans since they seem to hate Blair and hate seeing her happy and want her to continue her uni dimensional, soppy, sloppy, self-destructive, self-belittling relationship with Chuck.


Hey guys, I've just watched the first three episodes of Gossip Girl and just wanted to share my feelings, cause they were the episodes which made me fall for the show in the first place. And after seeing them, I recognized what Im watching right now has nothing to do with it, not anymore. I dont care who's good and who's not, a show needs villains, plus everyone has some dark sides. I didn't care about chuck or blair's dark sides -speaking of them cause they were the villains- I loved them as bad boy and g


dair is the ugliest couple i have ever seen!!!!ew...disgusting


I love Dair sooo much. The best couple since Joey & Pacey!!!!!!


stoopid retard belOW


ChosenOne........you are a retard


My Dairling :D


Together they are Dair!

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