Gossip Girl Episode Synopsis: "Con Heir"

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Gossip Girl's next episode airs Monday, April 2.

We've seen the promo, but haven't had a title or synopsis to tease you with - until now. In "Con Heir," Chuck invites Jack (Desmond Harrington) to town to thank him for saving his life, but finds the trip doesn’t go as planned.

Blair and Dan attempt to consummate their new relationship, but unexpected roadblocks get in their way.

Meanwhile, Ivy finds a quite unlikely ally in William van der Woodsen (Billy Baldwin) in her quest to be accepted on the Upper East Side, and Nate is hopeful that a new investor will save The Spectator.

Share your comments below. Here's another look at the promo, focused entirely on the Dair component:

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Dair is = Light at the end of the tunnel


i am not gonna watch this episode sorry but i'll pass.


They really think i am going to watch dair sex? like they were not disgusting enough they make them sleep together and it's not even good.Ew...this pathetic excuse of a couple is ridiculous and by the way blair is a whore


Would you like to see Dan explore sexuality? Someone asked if we thought Gossip Girl writers would take Dan bisexual like in the books. Dan is heterosexual
That's a negative. His controversial hookup is with a blair. Dan being gay just wouldn't work with the show. Gossip Girl writers are quick to say the books are there clearly for inspiration and not as a working outline for the show. This is bad news because I don't think television Dan. dan needs something to make him less boring. this might be it. plus, on the lines of "going there", this would be one more unique story that the show could push.
I want Dair as end-game!I want Dan gay


the ending they DESERVE


Excited for the return of Jack, I really want to know who gave Chuck the blood transfusion and I want Chuck to have a new storyline while Blair is dating Dan. I didnt even know Nate was having problems with his newspaper?
Why isnt Serena even metioned? I hope the Serena/GG plot actually lasts more then one episode this time. And we have to watch a episode of DB wanting to have sex but roadblocks (ie rufly staying with them, which i dont understand why there going to brooklyn in the first place, why not the empire? )get in the way and once they have sex they have to find a way to have good sex? oh how entertaining :) I love how hard this obstacle will be, itll be a great test of their love for eachother :P and to those people saying chair isnt true love, did you hear the GG V.O at the end of 5x10? "you can choose the dream job, the most loyal friends, the truest love.."Blair chose her love for chuck in that episode. they have a force field effect on eachother. EVEN dan wanted to give them the ending they deserve.


i am not watching this dair crap episode.No way ew... they makes me wanna vomit


Puh-lease ratings starting crashing during season 3 at the very moment when Blair and Chuck were in a stable relationship !! Well it seems that some chair fans are twisted enough not to ship Chair, but to ship them only when they're on an on and off relationship ! Epicism you call it ?! Yeahhh Serina, DAIR is LOVE !!! Kill that troll !!!


Dair is = lucky


Dair is = inspiring