Gossip Girl Exclusive: Joshua Safran on Major Season Finale Cliffhanger, Evolution of Dair

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The Upper East Side will never be the same.

Speaking with TV Fanatic this afternoon, Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran promised that the May 14 season finale culminates in a major cliffhanger that "changes the fabric of the show forever" and that fans will "realize without a doubt" the ensuing narratives it sets up for next fall ... with one possible exception.

"There's one particular character, you might not know what happens to them," he teased.

Hoping For a Break

He wouldn't say who, or what the unifying storyline of this spring might be, but he did promise me there is one: "All the [storylines] that have continued through the royal wedding are going to land in the same place," he said. "Starting this Monday, you're going to see everything start to come together."

No small feat, considering the number of balls in the air at the moment.

There's Serena, who's been relegated to the back burner for much of this winter, but who's about to begin an intriguing new arc, and who the as-yet-untitled season finale episode "revolves around quite heavily."

With Jack (Desmond Harrington) and Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) set to return, "doors are opened that Chuck was not expecting to be opened," Safran said. "Things happen that change his perspective on who he is."

Several Upper East Siders will be looking to show Ivy the door, meanwhile, while It-Girl-in-waiting Lola (Ella Rae Peck) has no interest in the high society world she was unknowingly born into.

"So much of what we've done over the years has involved outsiders trying to break into this world ... now we have both somebody on the inside in Ivy who doesn't really belong, and Lola, who wants nothing to do with it," Safran added, cryptically noting that the Rhodes girls "may or may not be drawn together by a common bond."

There's also the minor matter of Dan and Blair, a.k.a. Dair.

Hot Dair Action?!

The fact that Dair has become the most polarizing topic in Gossip Girl history isn't lost on its show-runner, who again insisted there is no "endgame" regarding the couple ... not that he'd tell us if there were.

"People always talk about endgames, but the thing is, if you have have a firm ending set in stone, everything you write runs into that wall," Safran said. "It has to be done with a shifting, malleable approach."

Sorry fans, I tried.

In the short term, we can still expect "the specter of Chuck" to continue looming over the new couple, he adds, with Dan possibly having "a hard time coming to terms with the stresses that brings."

At the same time, Dan "will continue help Blair rediscover Blair in a very sweet, good way," the EP reminded us, noting that she's finally broken the parameters of her relationships with Chuck and Louis.

Safran says Dan and Blair becoming a couple was the plan all season long, too.

"Last spring was the tease," he admitted. "We knew Dan and Blair were going to get together at some point this season, as Dan's feelings for her would only grow, and Blair would grow more aware of them."

"Blair gave up her control, her power in becoming a princess. Now that dream is over, for better or worse, and she's finally breaking free and finding out who she is. And from the beginning, Dan was the one basically saying 'I'll be here always, I accept whoever you are.'"

Currently filming the 24th and final episode of the fifth season, with the 18th airing Monday, Safran says fan backlash (or feedback in general) hasn't shaped any storylines because it logistically can't.

Not that he's unaware of the passions he's stirred in recent months.

"Say anything you want about me, it's my job, but please respect each other!" he joked, calling for civility among the respective camps as the show ramps up for its long-awaited spring run.

Wishful thinking, perhaps. But a nice sentiment.

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I don't care who you are but if you can't except the fact that GOSSIP GIRL wrote a beautiful story with DAN/BLAIR i don't know of any other show writing a memorable scene in 1x04 and the play in season 2 was hilarious that is when i started really liking the two as friends or more lets not forget the college party great episode and Dan taking Blairs headband off was the cherry on top Blair needed someone to stand up to her which Dan did he also has been guiding her in a sort of way plus the added advice he has given through out the years has helped her and then comes season 4 4x11-4x19 those we're the best how could you not fall in love with DAN AND BLAIR look we all have our favorite couples mine was Dan/Serena but after season 3 i became so tired of Serena's indecisive behavior and lets not forget Chuck not waiting longer for Blair and sleeping with Jenny and don't act like it is not something he would do look Chuck/Blair had 3 great seasons how many can say that about a couple it was a first love but lets be realistic how many people wind up with them PENN BADGLEY AND LEIGHTON MEESTER are so fucking perfect as DAN/BLAIR and as a couple they shine their chemistry is undeniable and i keep waiting for the writers to disapoint but they don't season 5 has been great well starting with 5x14 will see what the future holds i would like to think DAIR = ENDGAME?


April 5th, 2012 2:36 AM
Safran is such a dumbass. This idiot should never work in television again. He had a hit show that revolved around an onscreen pairing that was total dynamite, actors with incredible chemistry, etc., and he threw it away for this ridiculous, out-of-character romance that makes fanfic look like fucking Shakespeare. Safran, face it. You fucked up. Just admit it and get this show back on track in the limited time that you have left...which isn't much, because your pet pairing destroyed your ratings and your chances for a full sixth season.
this this and this and super


i used to love this show and now it is trash like dair really? that's a low blow i mean the producer just made a mess making all characters have sex with each other and then just what he thought might work why don't you listen to the fans they are the ones watching the show i really hate what gossip girl has become


Well said.




Hmm.. I've always loved the idea of Dair, but I think that's just it. I loved it when they BOTH were in denial that they could have any connection in any way. Though I know most of this was happening in the middle of season 4, I'd have to say that I was madly inlove with Dair in season 3. Especially the Gaga play episode. I miss season 3 so much :\


Luv'n dair, but l like seeing Serena alone. The previous seasons she was with at least 3 different guys and seeing that she's very independent she'll find the one soon... Season 6.


I've been re-watching all the episodes from season 1 and I
Got to admit that Blair and Chuck are meant to
Be together. Dan will always be for Serena and Nate can be with anyone, maybe Lil Jenny Humphrey. I miss the love connections of Chair. Please, I miss the whole GG.


Bring back Nate & Serena ! Nobody cares about Derena since the end of season 1 just like nobody cares about Chuck & Blair since their break up in the middle of season 4 ! Serenate & Dair FTW !

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