Gossip Girl Exclusive: Joshua Safran on Major Season Finale Cliffhanger, Evolution of Dair

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The Upper East Side will never be the same.

Speaking with TV Fanatic this afternoon, Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran promised that the May 14 season finale culminates in a major cliffhanger that "changes the fabric of the show forever" and that fans will "realize without a doubt" the ensuing narratives it sets up for next fall ... with one possible exception.

"There's one particular character, you might not know what happens to them," he teased.

Hoping For a Break

He wouldn't say who, or what the unifying storyline of this spring might be, but he did promise me there is one: "All the [storylines] that have continued through the royal wedding are going to land in the same place," he said. "Starting this Monday, you're going to see everything start to come together."

No small feat, considering the number of balls in the air at the moment.

There's Serena, who's been relegated to the back burner for much of this winter, but who's about to begin an intriguing new arc, and who the as-yet-untitled season finale episode "revolves around quite heavily."

With Jack (Desmond Harrington) and Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) set to return, "doors are opened that Chuck was not expecting to be opened," Safran said. "Things happen that change his perspective on who he is."

Several Upper East Siders will be looking to show Ivy the door, meanwhile, while It-Girl-in-waiting Lola (Ella Rae Peck) has no interest in the high society world she was unknowingly born into.

"So much of what we've done over the years has involved outsiders trying to break into this world ... now we have both somebody on the inside in Ivy who doesn't really belong, and Lola, who wants nothing to do with it," Safran added, cryptically noting that the Rhodes girls "may or may not be drawn together by a common bond."

There's also the minor matter of Dan and Blair, a.k.a. Dair.

Hot Dair Action?!

The fact that Dair has become the most polarizing topic in Gossip Girl history isn't lost on its show-runner, who again insisted there is no "endgame" regarding the couple ... not that he'd tell us if there were.

"People always talk about endgames, but the thing is, if you have have a firm ending set in stone, everything you write runs into that wall," Safran said. "It has to be done with a shifting, malleable approach."

Sorry fans, I tried.

In the short term, we can still expect "the specter of Chuck" to continue looming over the new couple, he adds, with Dan possibly having "a hard time coming to terms with the stresses that brings."

At the same time, Dan "will continue help Blair rediscover Blair in a very sweet, good way," the EP reminded us, noting that she's finally broken the parameters of her relationships with Chuck and Louis.

Safran says Dan and Blair becoming a couple was the plan all season long, too.

"Last spring was the tease," he admitted. "We knew Dan and Blair were going to get together at some point this season, as Dan's feelings for her would only grow, and Blair would grow more aware of them."

"Blair gave up her control, her power in becoming a princess. Now that dream is over, for better or worse, and she's finally breaking free and finding out who she is. And from the beginning, Dan was the one basically saying 'I'll be here always, I accept whoever you are.'"

Currently filming the 24th and final episode of the fifth season, with the 18th airing Monday, Safran says fan backlash (or feedback in general) hasn't shaped any storylines because it logistically can't.

Not that he's unaware of the passions he's stirred in recent months.

"Say anything you want about me, it's my job, but please respect each other!" he joked, calling for civility among the respective camps as the show ramps up for its long-awaited spring run.

Wishful thinking, perhaps. But a nice sentiment.

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I'm many things but not wrong here. I think they have the right to see how the relationship plays out. There have been lots of other occasions that other characters have made decisions that have impacted the others. Everyone is complaining about this one because it's Dair and its turned GG on it's head, which I for one am glad about. Going round in circles with the same old ships is boring. Blake and Penn are professional actors and should be able to deal with their parts. Lots of other actors manage it and it seems a lame reason to blame the writers for not rehashing old storylines.


Your mother was right, but you're wrong. Remember how Blair reacted in a season 1 when she found out that Nate slept with Serena. The two got into a fight at a school game! Dan and Blair are not alone in NYC so they have not to ignore the feelings of others. Not only Serena had multiple partners. Between 1 and 2 season Dan is changing girls like napkins - every other night (GG gave him the name of the playboy). The only reason why Blair and Dan together now is because the actors Blake and Penn can not act love scenes. When it began to develop a love story between Dan and Blair – in the four season. And at the beginning of season 4 actors Blake and Penn broke up their relationship.


I think Dan and Blair have the right to see out their connection without having to think it's at the expense of other people. Serena has had relationships with Nate, college lecturer guy, Ben etc and well, Chuck has messed about with anything in a skirt. As my mother often says; you can't help who you fall for.


As for Serena and Dan, Serena was not to blame for their four breaks. For the first three breaks Dan was the culprit. In the first season, Dan is more believed the girl he met in the park - Georgina, but Serena. In the second season Dan where trying to subdue Serena, and after he cheated on her with her teacher. Last break in season 4 is more taken for their private termination relatioship, and they had nothing to tear because they are not related from the season 2. Dan and Blair can not be happy at the expense of Serena and Chuck. Why do writers have focused on the relationship between Serena and Dan in season 4, when they are not together since season 2? And why in season 5 Serena suffers for Dan?


I agree that the writers have dragged Chuck and Blair on for far too long but I think all the characters have been changing and finally we are seeing the outcome of it. I don't agree though that they have been as focused on Dan and Serena for as long as I think that ship sailed. There's been too much family stuff between them not too mention Serena never being able to make a concrete decision. I liked Chair and Derena at the time but that was then and I am happy with Dair now. As I said I can take the show as it comes.
If Serena does something like that I hope it does backfire on her. It makes me laugh that everyone is saying how awful Blair is being to her. Blair didn't deliberately set out to hurt her. Neither of them control Dan and who he falls he love with. She should want them to be happy instead of being bitter that she missed her multiple chances with Dan.


Great, you're right! The main link in the series is the relationship between Serena and Blair. I think you hit the essence of the series.


An interesting theory, I think that no one fell from memory. Well you made that connection, but Safran has been discovered which will Blair decide - Love (Dan). However, your theory makes sense, maybe Serena stays in the series.


like someone else said---Jack Bass will probably turn out to be Chuck's father. Jack/Diane will be revealed as Chuck's parents. Bart decided to raise Chuck as his own b/c Jack/Diane were too immature/young...etc. it's plausible and it would be a really great twist seeing Chuck have parents/interacting with them. people won't like this, but i really feel the writers will do Chuck/Serena. that will get teased in the finale. GG episode 1 was Chuck hitting on Serena and forcing himself on Jenny. He's already slept with Jenny. Now that Dair has happened, the last frontier in challenging the Serena/Blair friendship is if Chuck/Serena got together. Ultimately, Serena/Blair are the show's central relationship. Not Chair, Dair, Nair...etc. writers always wanna challenge that friendship.


does anyone else think that Serena publishes Blair's diary on the GG site in the season finale out of *spite*?!remember, Serena sabotaged Blair when she was meeting Louis mother for the first time out of revenge for Blair kissing Dan. the writers are saying the finale will revolve around the S/B friendship. the biggest thing to happen to test their friendship is the development of Dair. i *think* Serena will publish Blair's diary (hoping it will put Chair back together...but subconsciously it's revenge), Blair will re-evaluate her feelings, say a final goodbye to Chuck as a result, and confront Serena/call her out about her issue w/ the Dair relationship. the *REAL* choice will be Serena forcing Blair to choose her (their friendship) or Dan (their relationship). and we won't know until S6 who Blair chose.


Blair said that now Chuck does not have his heart. So it is the perfect moment in order that Chuck has a new girlfriend