Gossip Girl Exclusive: Joshua Safran on Major Season Finale Cliffhanger, Evolution of Dair

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The Upper East Side will never be the same.

Speaking with TV Fanatic this afternoon, Gossip Girl executive producer Joshua Safran promised that the May 14 season finale culminates in a major cliffhanger that "changes the fabric of the show forever" and that fans will "realize without a doubt" the ensuing narratives it sets up for next fall ... with one possible exception.

"There's one particular character, you might not know what happens to them," he teased.

Hoping For a Break

He wouldn't say who, or what the unifying storyline of this spring might be, but he did promise me there is one: "All the [storylines] that have continued through the royal wedding are going to land in the same place," he said. "Starting this Monday, you're going to see everything start to come together."

No small feat, considering the number of balls in the air at the moment.

There's Serena, who's been relegated to the back burner for much of this winter, but who's about to begin an intriguing new arc, and who the as-yet-untitled season finale episode "revolves around quite heavily."

With Jack (Desmond Harrington) and Diana (Elizabeth Hurley) set to return, "doors are opened that Chuck was not expecting to be opened," Safran said. "Things happen that change his perspective on who he is."

Several Upper East Siders will be looking to show Ivy the door, meanwhile, while It-Girl-in-waiting Lola (Ella Rae Peck) has no interest in the high society world she was unknowingly born into.

"So much of what we've done over the years has involved outsiders trying to break into this world ... now we have both somebody on the inside in Ivy who doesn't really belong, and Lola, who wants nothing to do with it," Safran added, cryptically noting that the Rhodes girls "may or may not be drawn together by a common bond."

There's also the minor matter of Dan and Blair, a.k.a. Dair.

Hot Dair Action?!

The fact that Dair has become the most polarizing topic in Gossip Girl history isn't lost on its show-runner, who again insisted there is no "endgame" regarding the couple ... not that he'd tell us if there were.

"People always talk about endgames, but the thing is, if you have have a firm ending set in stone, everything you write runs into that wall," Safran said. "It has to be done with a shifting, malleable approach."

Sorry fans, I tried.

In the short term, we can still expect "the specter of Chuck" to continue looming over the new couple, he adds, with Dan possibly having "a hard time coming to terms with the stresses that brings."

At the same time, Dan "will continue help Blair rediscover Blair in a very sweet, good way," the EP reminded us, noting that she's finally broken the parameters of her relationships with Chuck and Louis.

Safran says Dan and Blair becoming a couple was the plan all season long, too.

"Last spring was the tease," he admitted. "We knew Dan and Blair were going to get together at some point this season, as Dan's feelings for her would only grow, and Blair would grow more aware of them."

"Blair gave up her control, her power in becoming a princess. Now that dream is over, for better or worse, and she's finally breaking free and finding out who she is. And from the beginning, Dan was the one basically saying 'I'll be here always, I accept whoever you are.'"

Currently filming the 24th and final episode of the fifth season, with the 18th airing Monday, Safran says fan backlash (or feedback in general) hasn't shaped any storylines because it logistically can't.

Not that he's unaware of the passions he's stirred in recent months.

"Say anything you want about me, it's my job, but please respect each other!" he joked, calling for civility among the respective camps as the show ramps up for its long-awaited spring run.

Wishful thinking, perhaps. But a nice sentiment.

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OK is an evolution of characters in the series. But neither did I, and probably even you, we wrote the script for this series. Writers are maintained over the past 4.5 seasons the story of Dan and Serena, and Chuck and Blair. If they wanted a change and evolution are supposed to do that before and not at the end of the series. My opinion is that the only reason why they now Dan and Blair together, because the actors Blake and Penn can not act love scenes. And probably actress Blake Lively left the series at the end of this season?


Blair instead of helping Chuck must be going to open the legs Dan who is the only thing that it can do


@ Elizabeth
As for Serena and Nate, their love was not real. Serena was with Nate because the guilt feelings and that she owes something to him. In addition to Dan, with all the other guys with whom Serena was, was because they felt that she owed something. With Nate, because he lost his virginity to her. With Carter as he helped her to find her father. With Aaron it was like a little school in the summer was married to him, and he kept the ring. With Ben because she felt responsible because he was in prison. Only with Dan she was because she genuinely loved him, and on her, without remorse.


I completely disagree with you. Dan and Blair have not been a sudden occurrence albeit I don't think it has been written that well this season mainly due to how erratic they have made Blair. Dan had not been alienating Blair - she has been managing that all on her own and you know something I actually like the fact that he tried to give her and Chuck another chance but after it didn't happen fought for her himself. And as much as I like Serena - she is a bit of a flake. I don't want to see them all end up with the same people otherwise there's zero evolution and that is monumentally boring. Cripes I would hate to think of myself back with my first love.


Actually you are wrong. Blair and Dan are in love, only 1 or 2 episodes. In season four, their love did not occur because the Blair chose Chuck. During the 5 season Dan is in love with Blair as Serena in him. However, Dan spin their feelings towards Blair, isolating it from Chuck and Serena, to manipulate her. In 10 episode this season, Rufus told Dan to express their feelings for Blair. However, Dan did not do, so he organized to Blair and Chuck to be together. After 100 episode writers have turned upside down in a series of events and it is now the case. This is now a new series, which has nothing to do with first 100 episodes. I am a big fan of Serena and Dan, and I think that this is now totally sucks!




Seriously so everyone but Dan and Blair deserves to be happy?? They've all done fairly reprehensible stuff at times so none of them on that basis deserve anything. Dan and Blair have been building up for ages. Chair got dull, Derena became a no go once they got a half sibling and Dair is an unlikely, yet interesting pairing. Me, I just watch the show and take it as it comes. Yes this season hasn't been great but it was the Louis storyline and the obligatory angst of Chair that did that. Used to love the back/forth of Chair but it was just one time too many and am over it. I hope all the characters end up happy but I guess that's just me.


chuck, i really hope you find someone (like eva) chuck bass will always be chuck bass blair and dan, i don't care anymore though blair deserves to be alone and dan too serena and nate you both deserve someone who love you


mennn dair is the real deal right now DEAL WITH IT people change and need to go find the best of them and thats what Dan does to blair HE GET THE BEST OF HER
stop talking about the all the chair thing it annoying really the show its going in the right track because this need to happend so DEAL WITH ITTTTTTTTT


You Chuck fans are real jerks. "Blair needs a slap, hit her with a chair" is a common refrain. You are so cooped up in your little holes that even a ray of sunlight burns you.

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