Gossip Girl Photo Gallery: "Con Heir"

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The CW has released a dozen promotional photos from the April 2 spring premiere of Gossip Girl, titled "Con Heir." When the show returns, so does Chuck's uncle Jack (Desmond Harrington).

His trip, following the revelation that he helped save Chuck's life, doesn’t go exactly as planned, however. Elsewhere, Ivy finds an unlikely ally in William (Billy Baldwin) in her quest to be accepted on the UES.

Dan and Blair, as we know, attempt to consummate their relationship, but hit a roadblock, while Nate is hopeful a new investor will save his newspaper ... and cozies up to Lola, as we can see in the image below.


Will Dan and Blair overcome their bout of awkward sex and make their romantic connection last?

What really brings Jack back to the UES? Will Ivy succeed in strongarming her way to the top?

Will the secret of Lola's lineage leak? Do she and Nate make the hottest couple ever?

So many unanswered questions. Click to enlarge more photos from "Con Heir", then hit the comments to share your thoughts on them, as well as your predictions for April 2 and the rest of the fifth season!

Uncle Jackass!
Lily Has Issues
Confronting Ivy
VDW Family Throwdown
Lily and Ivy
The Ivy
ChIvy in Charge
Louis' Ex-Wife
Serena in Black
Hoping For a Break
Ivy and Lily

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I'm debating if I should watch it.


dan and blair are so confused


i am not watching this disgusting episode and @ChosenOne you are annoying


Nola endgame, chuck end up alone or with all prostitute in new york or with a crazy girl (chuckistan)


IVY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope Ivy is Stick to gossip girl until season 6 ! also!
Kaylee defer is a good actress!!!!
hope josh & stephanie make her to stick around gossip girl !
because Kaylee defer is the first actor who upgrade being a regular cast with the original cast!
she is Awesome!


I love chuck...Dan is so boring...maybe serena and chuck should get together if you think they are very similar characters compatibilty wize...do it up gossip girl xoxo


Leighton looks great as Blair (again, finally). The character Blair has been looking so weird lately. Her hair looks good and she doesn't look pale. Loving this!


Nate and Lola really look cute together in that pic.


Lol CW is hard on us Dair fans !! We've been crying for some DAIR biscuits, a spoiler, a pic, anything during this hiatus...and I see nothin !!
I need my Dair fix asap !!


DAIR........soooo excited

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