Gossip Girl Sneak Peek: Welcome Back, Jack

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Jack Bass (Desmond Harrington) returns to Gossip Girl next week, and Chuck welcomes his uncle back to New York the best way he knows how. We're talking about women, booze and all-around crazy times.

In the sneak peek from "Con Heir" below, Chuck reveals that he just donated a new wing, in Jack's name, to the hospital where his life was saved, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony set for that night in his honor.

That event will quite possibly set the stage for various shenanigans (see the "Con Heir" Canadian promo), as always ... what's an episode of Gossip Girl without a high-society event bringing people together?

It's nice to see the Bass boys having fun, in any case. Check out the clip:

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Seriously?! He needs a BLOOD TRANSFUSION from a FAMILY member?!(though I suppose Jack fits the "member" part) Desmond Harrington was fab in Justified this season! Sooo creepy! I just love him! A kidney, or a liver!!! I could understand but a BLOOD TRANSFUSION?! Arrrgh! I watched a preview and it made me twitch. Maybe it is just time to give up on the carcass of GG! Sighhhhh!


l want chuck to go and have loads of fun...
drink and have random sex...
go chuck
bring the old chuck back..
together with jack how much fun will that be....


G, yes I totally agree it is a crapfest I cannot watch without cringing and that has nothing to do with the couples well maybe a little and delusional they are


Just glad that Desmond still graces this crapfest with his presence. 5 seasons of build up?!! OMFG THIS DELUSION. I can't ...


Blair and Dan don't break up, they're still together till episode 23 with the Rome spoilers. What happens at the end of that episode and the season finale who knows :( I have hope that Dan and Blair will not just be done at the end of the season. 5 seasons of buildup for it to be over in a matter of episodes wouldn't make much sense. Then again this show and sense are two foreign terms so who knows. Let's just have hope.


I am happy Chuck and Jack are getting along and that we see the lighter side to Chuck again. Personally, I can totally understand Dan and Blair breaking up over not being able to physically click. It happens and I've never seen the spark between them so I totally believe it. And I'll be so happy when Dair is over.


Go Chuck!!! Have fun!!!!


I hope Dair is not broken up like Joey and Rachel were in friends, because "we cannot have sex". They have taken so much time to build up their relationship. When they break up, which they will at some point of time, it should be meaningfull and not like some of the stupid storylines this season.


I have to say I am too. Good to see Chuck laugh for a change, please keep Uncle Jack around if that finally puts an end to emo Chuck. Nothing against Ed Westwick: he does well considering the material he's handed, but at this point he must be getting bored of doing yet another scene with him in the dark sipping whiskey and despairing over some drama or other.


well i'm excited.

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