Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Twitpics: A Day at the Airport

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Are some of our all-time favorite TV characters getting ready to say goodbye in May?

The eighth season finale of Grey's Anatomy includes pivotal scenes at the airport. We know because of a series of photos that have surfaced on Twitter, depicting what appear to be emotional farewells.

As we previously reported, Shonda Rhimes hinted that the season ends in a way that could accommodate any number of cast departures, with the original stars in the eighth and final season of their contracts.

It's too early to speculate who, if any, might be on the way out, or if the cast members even know yet. It's very possible the script is intentionally open-ended, given the uncertainty of Season 9 contract talks.

That said, take a look at these Twitter pics of the season finale and comment below:

Grey's Twitpic #2
Grey's Twitpic #1
Grey's Twitpic

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The pictures are from episode 21 (that is what they are filming now) and the finale is episode 24. You people need to check some facts before posting rumors and getting fanbases in a tizzy. Go read TWOP or other spoiler boards - they all have information about why characters are at the airport during episode 21. NOT THE FINALE.


guys chill, shonda rhimes confirmed that these pics are NOT from the finale. the finale hasen't even started to be filmed, only written. take a deep breath, its all going to be ok :)


@rebecca I agree with you, thinking they are picking mer up from airport after her interview. Also balloon is probably a distraction for Zola with all the people around and to help stop her looking at the boom and concentrate on Ellen and Patrick.


If Zola has a balloon, maybe they are picking her up from the airport not saying good bye?


I think the banner always displays a pic from the upcoming episode or the last one. It was like that at least already in the last weeks, and it seems the same for the How i met your mother page.


Seriously, you all are so ridiculous. Tv fanatic isnt the only site saying these are finale pics. Multiple websites have them up, so stop all your hating. Either way, you got some good spoiler pics.


calm down people. these are stills from the episode coming out in april, where the 5th year residents go around the country to interview for fellowship positions. and it is NOT the season finale because shonda rhimes said that she has only planned the season finale, let alone writing and filming it.


WTH WHy is the tvfanatic banner a pic of jackson and his date? seriously take it off! This isn't Jackson's Anatomy!!!!! TAKE IT OFF!!!!


Why are people so mad?
Either way, you've gotten spoiler photos. Calm down.


No these are not the finale pics!
Shonda tweeted today that she hasnt written the finale yet but only "PLANNED" it....

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