Hawaii Five-0 Spoilers: The Return of McGarrett and More!

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Following the news that Alex O'Loughlin would be checking into rehab to deal with a reliance on prescription pain pills, many Hawaii Five-0 fans are naturally wondering just how long we'll go without Steve McGarrett on our small screens.

Fortunately, William Keck of TV Guide Magazine has the answer.

McGarrett on the Prowl

O'Loughlin will only be absent from one full Hawaii Five-0 episode, as outlined below in a rundown of what viewers can expect over the final set of season two installments:

April 9: McGarrett appears briefly, leaving a letter to Danno explaining that he's "off to find the real Shelburne," executive producer Peter Lenkov says.

April 30: It's the NCIS: Los Angeles crossover - with Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J, but without any sighting of O'Loughlin as McGarrett.

May 7: McGarrett is back! And he'll have tossed Wo-Fat in prison during his time away.

May 14: On the Hawaii Five-0 season finale, viewers will witness a major death, along with the returns of Terry O'Quinn, Tom Sizemore and William Baldwin.


@amazingalex just read that HE'S BACK!! So happy! They said the crew broke out into cheers! I'm doing my happy dance right now!


According to twitter, Alex is due back on set today. Welcome back AOL!!! :) You have been sorely missed!


I have watching the sneak peek and have to say this episode looks very intense was weird without Steve but I got really a bit excited for next Monday evening!


Really worried about the finale with the whole character being killed question. I doubt it will be any of the core five so my guess it's either gonna be either Joe or Captain Fryer.


The extended promo for Monday looks great. I love that we are going to get some back ground on Max. I know it will be a little weird without Steve there, but this gives the other characters a chance to come through, and they deserve their chance, they are great actors also. Its looks like an intense episode, can't wait.


Extended promo for 2.20 is out. It looks good. It is weird watching the promo without steve. But this max episode looks like it is going to be interesting.


H5O is off for Good Friday today, we have to wait a bit longer for a Alex pic maybe we get lucky next week! Saw the new vid uploaded on youtube for H50 it's awesome the girl did a amazing job. Maybe we get a sneak peek tonight or tomorrow I am not Max biggest fan but I'll will watch for the rest of the team!!


@zia..oh good, I am just glad you are okay. We will talk soon! Awesome new vid uploaded on youtube for H50. Kono especially rocks in it!! One of the best H50 vids yet!!!


@Amazingalex.....I started a new job this week, longer commute, not able to get on line as yet, did not want to push it at work. After a few weeks I'll be able to check in at lunch. You'll hear from me once the last three episodes are shown. I can't give up the H50 club. I saw Moonlight and Three Rivers through netflix. It's great no commercials. Can't wait for the new episode on Monday.


@lena..WOW!! 8x!! Well I better get going, I have alot to watch. It is going to be difficult but I will get through it......:):) I cant watch mary bryant cause I know what happens, I cannot handle that. :( But on Youtube he is adorable in it. I will let you know what I think of BUP. @kaydee....we may just have a fun summer afterall. Between the alex marathons and the PM'ing we are good to go!!!:)

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