Hawaii Five-0 Spoilers: The Return of McGarrett and More!

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Following the news that Alex O'Loughlin would be checking into rehab to deal with a reliance on prescription pain pills, many Hawaii Five-0 fans are naturally wondering just how long we'll go without Steve McGarrett on our small screens.

Fortunately, William Keck of TV Guide Magazine has the answer.

McGarrett on the Prowl

O'Loughlin will only be absent from one full Hawaii Five-0 episode, as outlined below in a rundown of what viewers can expect over the final set of season two installments:

April 9: McGarrett appears briefly, leaving a letter to Danno explaining that he's "off to find the real Shelburne," executive producer Peter Lenkov says.

April 30: It's the NCIS: Los Angeles crossover - with Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J, but without any sighting of O'Loughlin as McGarrett.

May 7: McGarrett is back! And he'll have tossed Wo-Fat in prison during his time away.

May 14: On the Hawaii Five-0 season finale, viewers will witness a major death, along with the returns of Terry O'Quinn, Tom Sizemore and William Baldwin.


@to martinelli...Sorry for the late reply. William Baldwin is in the finale, so maybe he escapes.


Promo for 2.20 out. It looks interesting, I really like max.


@kaydee - excellent review about NCIS LA. I agree with you.


@lena..I am planning on saving season 1 to watch over the summer. I have only seen most of them once. I think that will help buy the time till it returns. I am with you though, it is going to be tough. I am just so excited to see his return. :) @kaydee.. you know what is funny, I watched NCIS la last night for the first time to try to catch up and I thought how much it reminded me of H50. Minus the cast of course, but similiar set up and dynamic. I saw a little cargument last night, but no one does it like mcdanno for me.:) The show is pretty good. H50 still my fave show though for obvious reasons (wink):)


@johnnyH50..I cant here cause it will automatically get deleted. They have an auto thing on here that immediately deletes links. Google "AOL rocks" and on that website you will see a scan of tweets and it is on there, it was posted last night around the time I posted. I wish I could post a link for you. Just click on the tweet and the photo will come up. It is just a pic of the set of mcg's kitchen but it is significant cause they dont need to film in his home unless steve is in the epi. :)


@amazingalex - just a little background: NCIS LA is somewhat like H50 (minus Steve of course :-)!) except they're federal agents who answer to Heddy (who's quite a character) and they have a tech team rather than relying on Kono/Chin. Sam (a former SEAL) teams w/G (who's has a mysterious past. Like Steve, G's always looking for anything linking him to his past. Heddy is his Joe but she loves him and takes very good care of her team). Sam & G are Steve & Danno but they're more serious, there's no carguments or bromance and Kensi & Deeks are Kono & Chin except they have some sexual tension since they're not related. They tend to get their "man" too just like our guys!! I like NCIS LA but it doesn't have the same feel/excitement/sense of family like our H50! I hope this helps you just a bit.


@amazingalex.... Yeah after shooting these two episode Alex has 3 months off hope he will take some good rest and enjoy some time with his family so he can be back to us whole health. Now that I know Alex comes back I can't wait for the last two episodes on the other side after May 14 the long wait starts before we get to see him again Ohhhhh!!!! how wil I come through 4 months! :(((((((


@amazingalex Could you please link me the picture? :) thank you!


so glad Alex is back. I really wish him the best. He gives all his fans 100% everyday and he deserves to be healthy and happy.


They just released a pic of Mcg's kitchen. That means they are filming in his house on set again.....EEEEEEE!! I am so happy!! Steve is back baby!! :)

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