Hawaii Five-0 Spoilers: The Return of McGarrett and More!

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Following the news that Alex O'Loughlin would be checking into rehab to deal with a reliance on prescription pain pills, many Hawaii Five-0 fans are naturally wondering just how long we'll go without Steve McGarrett on our small screens.

Fortunately, William Keck of TV Guide Magazine has the answer.

McGarrett on the Prowl

O'Loughlin will only be absent from one full Hawaii Five-0 episode, as outlined below in a rundown of what viewers can expect over the final set of season two installments:

April 9: McGarrett appears briefly, leaving a letter to Danno explaining that he's "off to find the real Shelburne," executive producer Peter Lenkov says.

April 30: It's the NCIS: Los Angeles crossover - with Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J, but without any sighting of O'Loughlin as McGarrett.

May 7: McGarrett is back! And he'll have tossed Wo-Fat in prison during his time away.

May 14: On the Hawaii Five-0 season finale, viewers will witness a major death, along with the returns of Terry O'Quinn, Tom Sizemore and William Baldwin.


@lena...I think it is lori too. Just seems to make sense to tie up the loose ends. She would really be the only one who they would consider part of the team. Joe helped them with stuff but was never on the team. @zia..I like the dear danno letter idea too. Kind of cute and indicative of that friendship. I give the writers alot of credit, having to rewrite things so quickly. Hats off to them. I dont know how they do it.


@Zia... My money is on Lori because the title of the finale is “Ua Hala (Death in the Family)�
Family is Ohana and Lori was a part of the team for quit a while! @Chris... If you want to start a new war about the Lori character or Lauren coming back please don't she has a new show so leave it by this Thanks!


Finally some actual news about alex. I am so grateful to now know the schedule but most importantly to know alex is doing well. I just want him healthy again. Now we can just watch and enjoy. I feel better!! :) Breathing a long sigh of relief!!!!!!


For once I don’t care about the spoilers, Most importantly is the news that Alex is doing great and will be back for 2.22 and the finale, after shooting these two episode he has a few months off to get back to complete health. All I can say is Welcome Back! Alex we’ve missed you H5O is not the same without you!


Zia is right Alex is doing well and we need to pray for him to get even better


@Chris....I try to avoid the Grace Park/Lauren German debate but sometimes I just can't help myself. 1. Lauren has a new series that she is filming right now, if you are a fan of hers I assume you know that. 2. Grace has 2 more years on a 4 year contract, CBS would owe her $2,880,000 based on 24 eps per season at $60,000 per ep. the only way she leaves is if she wants to and for some reason CBS lets her out of her contract, possible I suppose, not likely.


Maybe they'll get rid of Grace Park and bring back Lauren German!!

Sarah silva

Major death worries me! It is supposed to be a familiar face so and the person is in law enforcement so I am racking my brain thinking of who that will be! It better not be the core four!!!


So sad about Alex not being in the crossover would have loved to learn more about Steve's past with Sam Hanna. And with Callen and Sam with Steve and Danny it would have been a great four way bro-mance. Oh well story for another season I guess.


The most important thing is Alex is doing well. So happy to hear this. I'm so glad that they are explaining McG's absence in the show. I love the "Dear Danno" letter idea. It looks like they made the best of the situation, and Alex will be back in 2.22 after he captures WoFat. It figures Joe lied to Alex about Shelburne. My money is still on Joe as the one being killed. Will miss Alex in the crossover, but glad to hear he will be back for the final 2 espisodes.

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