In Plain Sight Review: A Baby Makes a Village

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The stakes are higher this season on In Plain Sight. Partially because it is the final season but also because the characters have so much more to lose.

After last week's season premiere, "Four Marshals and a Baby" was both heartwarming and thought provoking while never shying away from the treacherous work of WITSEC. 

In Plain Sight Season 5 Scene

WITSEC turned into Norah central when Mary's back up childcare needed backup. Luckily the entire office pitched in and everyone, and I mean everyone got a turn.

Couldn't you just picture Stan playing Santa? The big guy dove right in and completed melted over Mary's little rugrat. Marshall got diaper duty and read her Shakespeare. Even ADA Campbell, the woman who had up until this episode come off as a heartless politician gave Mary some sage advice on being a single Mom. It was a nice way to add some dimension to that character.

And in one of a list of entertaining In Plain Sight quotes, when Mary told Delia...

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I didn't think Mary would give the woman a chance but I was wrong on more fronts than just nanny duty.

That Delia could handle a baby wasn't a shock but the way she shut down Christi and her nazi rhetoric was something I hadn't been expecting. Surprisingly the uber-racist wasn't the person to hold a gun on her hours later.

That was Beth.  Poor Beth made me wonder how many relocated witnesses simply can't handle the emotional upheaval of leaving everything and everyone they love behind. Beth was still having nightmares about the shooting she witnessed five years prior. She missed her sister and her job. Everything that had grounded her was gone.  \She'd begun hoarding and collecting animals. Beth was having a mental breakdown and she's lucky Delia came to her rescue.

Between standing up to Christi and saving Beth, Delia finally earned Mary's respect and I began to appreciate a character that had been nothing but background noise until this episode.

Then Mary was off chasing down Carlos and his alpacas. I really liked Carlos last season and felt a little disappointed that we saw him so briefly this time. Despite his opting out of WITSEC, I hope we get to visit him again.

As usual, Stan was great on so many levels. He stood up to Campbell but still played the political game and he protected his team from the news that there was talk of closing their office. That tidbit made me wonder if that's the way this series will end, with the closure of WITSEC in Albuquerque.

But as tough as Stan can be he still showed his warm gooey center. Cooing over little Norah and finally manning up to ask Leah out, Stan managed to exude confidence and be adorable all at once.

Marshall and Abigail still looked madly in love and I'm torn every time I see this happy couple. Marshall deserves to be happy and Abigail is a good match for him. Plus the dog is just too cute.  But I've got my fingers crossed that Mary and Marshall explore where their relationship could go before the series ends.

Speaking of which, the last scene of Mary and Marshall gave me hope. She let him take the bags and joked he could just carry her she was so tired. Mary's learning to let other people in. I can't wait to see where that leads.


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This is the last season of this show. Can't you at least make it a little interesting with Mary and Marshall. The last show was the most boring of all. Most of what made this show was the Commaderie between Marshall and Mary.
Give us one show, where Mary and Marshall's feelings REALLY show together. You teased us every show and then nothing. Extremely disappointed.


I thought this episode was very boring. Yes, the baby is cute and yes, everyone pitched in, but the scattershot approach to wrapping up storylines was annoying. The best part was the realization that Delia had the chops to be a successful WITSEC agent. Her treatment of Beth (and Beth's unravelling) seemed focused and real. The rest of the episode was just filler. The New Mexico field office may be closed but that doesn't mean the agents will be out of jobs. Certainly they will have the option of transferring because of their seniority. So the gang may break up but their lives will go on.


Love Stan. He's my favorite. He colors outside the lines if it means standing up for his team. Love Mary and Marshall as friends and co-workers but nothing more.


Can not wait to meet the dad and I wonder when they will find out they will be out of a job soon


I agree that Mary and Marshall share a deep friendship, and Marshall certainly has shown he cares more deeply for Mary in the past. I would not mind them getting together since this is the last season, but I don't know if that is in the cards. Abigail and Marshall make a cute couple, especially with the dog, all they need is the white picket fence and some kids. I don't see Mary giving that to Marshall. I think Mary will change some, children do change your life and in a way that even a significant other can. I believe that Norah will be the most important thing in her life, and her job will eventually take 2nd. Stan was just so cute, I loved that he got the guts to ask the dance instructor out. I also liked that Delia showed her true colors and gained Mary's respect and trust in the process. I don't remember them showing a person in Witsec before that ended up going crazy, I'm sure it happens a lot more then we think. I know I might end up the same way if that were to ever happen to me. I also had the same thought as the reviewer, that the closing of the Albuquerque office is what they are going to end the show with. I will truly miss this show.


Is it just me or does the last season and the beginning of this season just make you wanta throw up????


i love Mary and Marshall but honestly Mary will kill Marshall both physically and spiritually. They are the greatest of partners and friends. Mary, once she gets a month of sleep, will be back to doing everything for herself. And no patience for anyone else. Marshall loves the classics, reading, and other intellectual pursuits (note his rare book collection). Mary just wants to work, we never saw her do or tolerate one outside interest. Even with that gorgeous baseball player who absolutely adored her. He couldn't do enough but she muscled him off. So sorry, pls let Marshall be happy at home and have his best friend at work. Everyone needs a Mary.

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