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Oh, how I'm going to miss this show. That's the feeling that hit me the moment I saw Mary Shannon in the premiere episode of the final season of In Plain Sight.

"The Anti-Social Network" picked up six months after Mary's impromptu delivery at Brandi's almost wedding and we've got a lot of catching up to do.

First off, Mary kept her baby and I couldn't be happier. Mary's so protective of everyone in her life that I could never imagine her handing off her newborn to someone else to raise. I'm certainly not against adoption but it never seemed like a plausible option given Mary's overprotective nature. I believe her 33 text messages checking on Jinx and the baby would attest to that.

Mary and Baby

My biggest disappointment was that we didn't get to see baby Norah make her first appearance into the world. I was looking forward to watching Marshall rush Mary to the hospital and what emotions would play out between these two partners. Unfortunately, all we got were some very brief flashbacks. After the suspense of last season's finale, I found that very unsatisfying.

On the up side, Mary's back at work and the banter between her and Marshall hasn't skipped a beat. But to find out that Marshall's been holding out on the office gossip? That's so unfair and it made me wonder how much contact these two have had over the last six months. 

Of course Marshall's still with girlfriend Abigail. Will that be the case by the end of the season? We'll have to wait and see.

Jinx really stepped up as both mother and grandmother but I was dismayed to hear that Brandi has continued her downward spiral and, worse, she's doing it off camera in Miami with half brother Scott. With Jinx running to the rescue, perhaps she'll drag the wayward Shannon sister back home. Everything looked so hopeful for Brandi last season. Was it all just too good to be true?

The case of the long reaching hand of the Winston Regents was fun not just because it fed into Marshall's history of conspiracy theories, but because Mary was the one to break the case. That the federal prosecutor on the case was also a former regent was a twist I didn't see coming.

Marshall's accident blindsided both me and him. If he weren't talking on his cell phone he might have seen that truck coming. He was lucky to have survived the accident and even luckier they didn't just shoot him.

The saddest part was that Ivan's mom openly admitted that her research was more important than her son. Then she seemed shocked that he wanted to go live his own life without her. It was interesting to have Mary watch this woman as she struggled with even leaving her child for the day.

Obviously, Mary's going to grapple with being a single mom and a kick ass US Marshall and I'm looking forward to watching that play out. But more than that I'm hoping that Mary and Marshall have some serious conversations before the series end about what they mean to one another and if their relationship should remain as partners and friends or if it could become more than that. 

I'm definitely holding my breath to see how this final season plays out because once it's gone, I know I'll miss it terribly. I'm already feeling the phantom pain.


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Is baby Nora - Mary McCormack's real baby?


I love seeing Mary with Norah (she spells it with an "h" in one episode). No, I don't want to see Marshall with a teenage Norah, explaining why her mother died. I want to see Mary end the series with some chance for happiness. She doesn't have to get married or anything, but DON'T kill her off. I've hated every TV show who ever ended a series that way. Maybe she could marry Mark. That would be ideal to me. Maybe she could quit being a marshall because it is so dangerous. Just don't kill her off.


"Obviously, Mary's going to grapple with being a single mom" Depends on how the writers set this up. The Dad is living right down the street. There is no reason, so far, for the Mary character to hog parenthood.


I didn't know this was the final season. That really sucks. It had occurred to me since I figured Mary would want to be home with her baby but...damn. The baby's name, Norah, is actually Mary's mother's name, same spelling. I thought it was touching to name the baby after her mom, fictional or not.


(cont.) "Carol Brady" type of mom, she is capable of loving her child. It will be fun to see how she manages motherhood and her job. Perhaps she will be making a choice in the finale.


I also saw that Mary spelled the baby's name as Norah not Nora. I am truly saddened that this is the last season, and as the reviewer said, I also felt it more by watching this episode and seeing Mary Shannon. What a great character. I would like Marshall and Mary to come together in the end. I am not a fan of the baby's father. I can't believe that they are only going to do 8 episodes. That's not a good way to go out. I disagree on an earlier comment that people don't change when their children are born. I'm sure some don't, but I've seen several people who have become parents, change. I'm sure there are those who don't change, if not then there would not be so many screwed up people in the world. But a child DOES change everything, including an adult. I admire people who know that they can't take care of a child, and do give that child up for hopefully a better life. Mary, I think does have the capability of love, she is a natural protector, and although she may not be the "Carol Brady" type, she is capable of loving her own child. It will be fun to see how she handles her job and motherhood.


@Patamar2. The baby's name is spelled Norah. Mary writes it on the incubator, replacing Baby Shannon. I thought this was well-balanced. Mary didn't lose her snarky comments but it was obvious that the welfare of her baby was paramount. I cringed when the scientist mom said that her reasearch was the most important thing in her life. It gave Mary and the audience something to ponder. It will be fun to see how Stan's love interest playes over the season. I'm going to enjoy this last season and mourn its passing. Was it ABC or the production team that decided to pull the plug on IPS?


I am flashing forward to the series finale. Wouldn't it be awesome to see Marshall talking to a teen Nora and making the whole series a flashback to his experiences with her mother. Enter flashback scene's of Nora's birth and Marshall's mixed feelings about Mary and Nora. End with flashbacks of Mary's death while protecting a witness or maybe even baby Nora. With her dying breaths Mary asks Marshall to raise Nora. She dies in his arms and he takes Nora home to raise her as his own - with or without the Mrs. Bobby Ewing's exit from the shower would pale in comparison to a whole series of flashbacks - unbeknownst to the fans.


I was equally and /or more so that we didn't get to see all those moments of Norah being born and Mary adjusting and all the characters reacting to this new baby. I felt like that was vital stuff given Mary's relationship with Marshall and her reluctance about motherhood. I felt robbed. I did wonder how Marshall and Abigail smoothed over their tension and how close ir not close Mary and Marshall have been over the months. The case was interesting that mom was just...tough to watch. Marshall accident caught me off guard. I really hate that this is the last season! :( @Marky, I still have mixed feelings on the baby thing myself.


Giving Nora up for adoption would have been different but watching Mary raise Nora, now that is a show. No, these, as in plural, are not Mary's baby. There are 2 or 3 little ones playing Nora. No 'h'.
I agree that we should have seen Marshall with Mary as she delivered as that is where he'd want to be and she would want that as well. That line,"you did this twice? No wonder you drank" was so spot on and hysterical.
I like how Mary does NOT like Marshall's 'girlfriend' & she didn't like the shrink either until they were not dating. Marshall didn't have a girl for a long time, now that he does she doesn't like it! I like the show, "Fairly Legal" & I watch it, but for IPS to go off into the sunset so shows like 'Fairly Legal & Necessary Roughness' can move in, not right. They are good but not nearly as good as IPS.

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